HANDOVER TO US…you’ve done your best, KBF tells Lungu

BLIND belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth, passion and creativity facing Zambia today, says Kelvin Bwalya Fube.

Fube referred to as KBF has advised President Edgar Lungu to give chance to other leaders in the PF to rule the country because he had already done his best.

Fube has since declared his intention to challenge President Lungu for the Patriotic Front presidency and represent the party in the 2021 general elections.

Speaking when he launched his second edition of his book Zambia Shall Prosper, Fube said some PF members were putting the party first before their country.

“I have always believed that blind belief in authority just because it represents a measure of authority is the greatest enemy of truth, passion and creativity we face today. We must stand on principle. Today some people in the PF have called me rebel, some have declared repeatedly that over their dead body will they allow me to ever sit to discuss anything with our current President while he serves as President. I laugh such things off because some people think only they are entitled…only they deserve…and in a way they would like to change me and how I think, or feel about certain things concerning my country…some others would rather hear me say that the Patriotic Front party comes before the country,” he said.

“To them, putting the party before the country is their yardstick of what loyalty is – c’est la vie – [such is life]. Let me be clear one more time: we are just the party in power today and we must understand and accept that our duty is to all Zambians. Further, we must realise that it is in the execution of this sacred duty to all Zambians that our success as a party lies. As a party we must deliberately choose to unite around the future of our country without fear or vindictiveness. It is very sad and sometimes very annoying to see that we as a ruling party seem fearful of things like an internal party indaba from which there can be no losers! I believe that for the sake of both the nation and our PF party, we must become more cohesive, open-minded, more welcoming and more collaborative.”

Fube said he had hope for Zambia and he was standing in the 2021 elections.

He said he had traversed the country several times by road and had seen the despair head-on.

“I have been driven by nothing but love and patriotism. To see the vast potential of our forest, many huge rivers and lakes being wasted and ignored…I am convinced now more than ever before that Zambia must prosper,” he said.

Fute said he had a vision for the country and an economic blue print that would drive and prosper the people faster out of power.

He said looking into the eyes of the many women, men and youth telling their stories about how they were failing to receive help or a caring hand was painful.

He said the farmers of Kabompo, Mufumbwe, Mwinilunga, Ikelengi, Chavuma and Zambezi had the same cry.

“Being in their presence around in me such pain and shame that tears were no enough – I was speechless,” he said. “I have watched with sheer hopelessness foreigners setting up fake sawmill plants between Mulobezi, Sioma through Shangombo, from Kabompo to Mwinilunga, from Mbala to Mpika, our Rosewood, our Mukula, our Mukwa and our Pine is leaving this country with very little return, if any, leaving in trucks by night – I have met these trucks by night, I have met these trucks, I have seen it.”

Fube thanked late president Frederick Chiluba for teaching him patience and the art of ignoring unwarranted criticism.

He also thanked late president Michael Sata for teaching him true humility and the need to visit people in person at their home level.

“From the university of political engineering to the university of Donch Kubeba, I have graduated with distinction,” Fube said. “I want to thank late president [Levy] Mwanawasa for indoctrinating in me the relevant political discipline to call a wrong a wrong and hate corruption. We have no reason, no excuse to be where we are.”

Fube announced that he would run for presidency in 2021.

“I make a serious appeal in this moment to my party, the Patriotic Front, its leadership and general membership, please hear me very clearly. I speak as a long serving, loyal and faithful member of the Patriotic Front. We are the party in power, we are the party that asked the Zambian people to give us this mandate, we, are the party tasked by the Zambian people to correct the wrongs that we as a party may have made. For this, I apologise,”

“The welfare of every Zambian is our responsibility for as long as we are in government. We must accept that the quality of life and standard of living of the average Zambian has dropped to unacceptable levels and this cannot be allowed to continue. Regardless of who you talk to about this in the country, be it the teachers, nurses, the farmers, the bus and taxi drivers, marketeers, the private sector working professionals, the car dealers, the youth, the police and business people in general, life and living has become difficult.”

Fube said he knew what it was to have nothing, to live on a single mother’s salary, crying rivers without no help in sight, to be hungry and not know whether or not you will eat today, queue up for bursary and that he knew poverty first hand.


Fube asked youths to take keen interest in the affairs of the nation and their futures.

“I am asking for your friendship and I am asking you to walk with me,” Fube said.

He appealed to the PF leadership to begin addressing critical issues affecting the nation right now.

He advised President Lungu to allow others to lead the party and the country.

“To our President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, I have few words…please take heed and reflect on our history as a political party. Recently, you confessed that people in your team have been lying to you. I could not agree more,” Fube said.

“Let me be clear Mr President: You have done your best for our party and this country. You cannot do beyond your best. Kindly pass on the mantle of leadership to us…. Let us fight for you. Remove yourself and your team from this unnecessary fight. Take the wind out of the sail of the opposition. We shall do the fighting for the Patriotic Front. Without you as a target, the opposition will be lost. Their fight is personal.”

He added that he puts the country before anything when it comes to patriotism.

“What I can say is that when it comes to my country I have always stood with the poor, and I will always stand with the poor for this is what the great Michael Chilufya Sata taught me. I have never and will never knowingly or willingly play ball for self against my country and the future of this country, that is not who I am and I pray that this part of me infuses itself in some way into our youth and into our country even if it be by osmosis,” said Fube.

“As the late Dr Miles Munroe aptly put it when commenting on ‘The Power of Passing it on’: The greatest act of leadership is mentoring. If what you learn, achieve, accumulate or accomplish dies with you, then you are a generational failure. An insecure person will never train people, they will oppress people. Your assignment has a shelf life. You will die one day: so train your replacement’.”

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