Yemi Alede stuns L/stone

NIGERIAN song bird Yemi Eberechi Alede was thunder in her own right, stunning both international and local tourists with her
energetic performance at the Mosi Day of Thunder musical festival.

She ended her splendid performance by draping herself in a Zambian flag.
The artist was also excited when a local artist flashed her pencil drawn portrait which she bought at an undisclosed sum.
Alede also asked the audience to give her a Zambian name to which several revellers, especially young women suggested ‘Mutinta’ while
others had different suggestions to which she joked that she would have over a 100 names by the end of the show.
The Afro-pop singer and songwriter is known for her hit song ‘Johnny’.
Alede began her musical journey in an all-girl group by the name Noty Spices in 2005, releasing her first single ‘Fimisile.’
She then signed onto the music label, Effyzzie Music Group in 2012 and released her single ‘Ghen Ghen Love’.
In 2013, July, Alade born on March 13, 1989 in Abia State of Nigeria, released the video for her Afro-R&B song “Bamboo” which became a
popular wedding song.
The Mosi Day of Thunder was also graced by local artists such as Miriam Mukape a.k.a Mampi, Mwila Musonda a.k.a Slap Dee, who also featured Robert Chungu a.k.a Bobby East and Kaira Kondwani a.k.a Chef 187.
At the end of the show, motorist had a tough time exiting the Villa grounds as a cobweb of traffic formed leading into the main Nakatindi
Road and the road along Choppies Supermarket.
Gillian Langmead of Langmead and Baker Commutations who was servicing the media for the musical event said the Mosi-Day of Thunder had a ripple effect on the economy of the tourist capital.
She said most lodges and guesthouses were fully booked during Easter which also saw an increase in employment and other business opportunities.

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