PF dismisses Fube’s call for Lungu to handover the mantle


COPPERBELT PF chairman Nathan Bwalya Chanda says Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s call for President Edgar Lungu to resign is wishful thinking. Chanda, who is also Luanshya mayor, said Fube, known to many as KBF, should be reminded that PF was not a ‘kantemba’ (makeshift) party, but a political party established on rules and procedures. Chanda was responding to Fube’s call for President Edgar Lungu to hand over power to him and others because he had done his best. On Tuesday, Fube advised President Lungu to give chance to other leaders in the party to rule the country, saying the President had already done his best.


Launching the second edition of his book ‘Zambia shall prosper’, Fube declared his intention to contest the 2021 presidential elections. But Chanda said the ruling party had noted with concern the continued levels of bitterness being exhibited by the prominent Lusaka lawyer.


“We have noted with concern the continued levels of power hungry and bitterness being exhibited by Mr Kelvin Bwalya Fube. However, we want to commend the Patriotic Front led by President Edgar Lungu for allowing democracy and divergent views to flow through the party,” he said.


Chanda said while Fube was free to challenge for any position in the party, he noted with concern the allegations levelled against the party and its leadership.


“PF has demonstrated that it is the only democratic party in the country. We have had intraparty elections throughout the country, from section, branch, ward, constituency, and district and provincial level. This is an achievement, which many political parties have failed to do,” he said. “Notwithstanding these facts, we have seen of late the manner in which Ba KBF wants to practice his politics. Ba KBF should be free and is free to challenge for any position in the party. But we note with concern the allegations levelled against the party and its leadership he wants to stand on. We are not saying that he should not criticise the leadership, but [are concerned with] the manner in which it is being done!”


Chanda accused Fube of seeking attention and sympathy from the PF general membership and the Zambian people.


“Ba KBF, as a seasoned lawyer, should know that the burden of proof is on him as he makes wild allegations against the PF and President Edgar Lungu. We remind him to use right channels to air any grievances that he may have, unlike the unbecoming conduct that he has been exhibiting of late which is very regrettable,” he said.


“We are fully aware that Ba KBF wants attention and sympathy from the PF general membership and the Zambian people. If [he is] disciplined for acting in a manner that is likely to bring the name of the party into public ridicule, contempt or disrepute, he wants to play a victim. These are old ways of doing politics. If Ba KBF has formed a party, he should just come out in the open instead of wasting the party’s time.”


Chanda said Fube’s call for President Lungu to handover the mantle was a joke and reminded him that he had a five-year mandate from the people of Zambia.


“Those who are following him blindly must remind him that what he is doing as a lawyer is very bad. Publishing orally or writing any matter which in the opinion of the central committee constitutes an attack on the party is a very serious offence,” he said. “How can Ba KBF call for the resignation of President Lungu as PF party president and Republican President? What a joke! Let me remind him that President Lungu has a five-year mandate from the party and the Zambian people, which we are going to renew again in 2020 at the conference and 2021 in general elections. Ba KBF don’t forget that you were one of the delegates at the PF convention in Kabwe that elected President Lungu and you know how it is done so stop misleading people. Such levels of frustration from a lawyer like you are shocking.”

Chanda said the Copperbelt was content with the leadership of President Lungu to continue steering the PF ship and the management of the country at large.


“We want to also state categorically here that, as Copperbelt Province, we stand with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as the candidate for the PF party at the next convention. As Copperbelt Province, we call for unity of purpose, love, hard work, peace, discipline and coexistence in order to embrace everyone and grow the party,” said Chanda.

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