There’s well-orchestrated scheme to undermine UPND’s political fortunes – Changala

CIVIL Rights Activist Brebner Changala says politicians want to divide the nation by propagating the primitive ideology of tribalism. Changala says it is unfortunate and extremely dangerous to turn a Bemba tribe tag into a cash cow for people using the state treasury.

“My fellow Zambians, it has become compelling on my part and with the pure conscious to comment on the efforts by politicians to divide the nation in furtherance of opportunistic objectives to propagate the primitive ideology of tribalism. 55 years after Independence, when they differ over political ambitions in their political parties, which are clubs and those who choose to associate with these clubs must abide by rules of the clubs,” he said.

Changala said sadly, differences even between different tribes in other political parties were not called tribal but differences in the United Party for National Development are always characterised and called tribal by the tribalists who have mainly assembled in the Patriotic Front.


He said there was a well-orchestrated scheme to undermine the political fortunes of the UPND and its leadership.


“Before independence, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and Kenneth Kaunda, a Southerner and Northerner respectfully differed in ANC, Kaunda and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, who were childhood friends differed in UNIP and the former detained the latter. Nalumino Mundia and Kaunda differed, President Edgar Lungu and Chishimba Kambwili differed and now Chishimba Kambwili has differed with Mwenya Musenge but there is no tribalism that has been alleged. I say this with a pure conscious and yet with a heavy heart. This country has a myriad of challenges ranging from social, economic, political, governance and maladministration,” he said


Changala cited some of the challenges as failure to pay bursaries to students, failure to pay chiefs allowances, delayed salaries for civil servants and failure to pay allowances to members of parliament.

“Surely, can a serious politician who is a patriotic or nationalist talk about tribalism and not discuss issues which may lead to national crisis?” Changala said.


He said tribalism is a curse and those propagating it should be tormented. He said all people were God’s people.


“Let Zambians not be manipulated by a clique masquerading as landlords for Bemba speaking people and using the Bemba name in order to benefit from this deteriorating economy, which is in free fall. Food for thought. Look at the current Zambian Cabinet – does it represent One Zambia One Nation? Your answer is as good as mine,” said Changala.

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