PF councilor asks ruling party members to stop practicing hatred, intimidation, propaganda


KAPOCHE ward counsellor Peter Miti has asked PF party members to stop practicing politics of hate, intimidation and propaganda saying it does not strengthen the party. In interview, Miti said he was accused of bringing confusion in the party when he did not know anything. On Thursday at Chinzule Primary School, party members accused counsellors of causing confusion by supporting Elias Daka of Petauke for the position of provincial chairman when the district was behind Andrew Lubusha.

It was alleged that Miti was sending text messages to fellow counsellors to connive them to support Daka and that they even attended a meeting in Petauke where they where given K200. The situation angered party members who wanted to deal with some counselors, mainly targeting Miti. However, Kapoche member of parliament Dr Charles Banda stopped the youths.

“If I was influencing my friends or writing text messages to my fellow counsellors, where us the evidence? To whom was I sending those messages?” he wandered.

Miti revealed that some party members developed hatred towards him when he announced that he wanted to contest in the intraparty elections as a constituency youth chairperson.

“My brother, I can’t hide you. Let me tell you the truth. All these noises came about when I came out in the open to say during this intraparty elections, I want to join the race by contesting as a constituency youth chairperson and that made others uncomfortable hence starting all these propaganda, saying I am a rebel. Surely is showing interest in the affairs of the party a crime?” he asked.

He complained that such attitude and habits paint a bad picture to the opposition who take advantage of the wrangles to destroy it.

“The problem is that we don’t treasure democracy. This kind of system is bad as it shows to the opposition that we are disorganised and we don’t have sense. It’s bad to practice politics of threats, intimidation, hate and propaganda as it does not build the party,” Miti said.

He reminded the party members that he suffered for PF in 2011 and no one should hinder him in participating in the affairs of the party.

“I am one of the people who suffered for this party in 2011, so who are others to hinder me from building the party with my democratic rights? Look, the MP came to strengthen the party because he wants peace and unity to transpire but why are others fighting? Why tayamba kudyana mucipani? If this kind of hatred does not stop, people will lose trust in our party as they will say we are disorganised,” cautioned Miti.

Last week constituency chairperson Bvulani Banda said the counsellors seemed to be confusing the branches.

However, on Wednesday provincial chairperson Andrew Lubusha address counsellors at Chochi guesthouse where he asked them to help him retain the position of provincial chairmanship as he still had a lot to do for the PF party in Eastern Province.

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