No matter what, PF is going in 2021 – Banda

KAPOCHE UPND member Davison Banda says it is automatic that the PF will lose the 2021 elections.
In an interview, Banda wondered how former UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba – who resigned from the opposition party on Tuesday, could rejoin the ruling PF which was in its last days in office.
He said Mwamba had a certain target in PF ahead of 2021.
Banda explained that the PF government had failed to achieve many things during its tenure, which would make it a failure when time to change government comes.
“No matter what, these people (PF) in 2021 are going and it’s sad that people like GBM are going back to a sinking boat, which has no future. This is going back to one’s vomit,” he said.
Banda said Mwamba’s decision to rejoin the PF clearly showed that the allegations raised against him about disturbing UPND structures were true.
“I think there is something he wants from the PF… because what has moved him to get back to the party he recently insulted and demeaned?” he wondered.
Banda explained that every Zambia regardless of political affiliation was affected with the PF’s poor governance which had failed farmers, civil servants and the general public.
“Let’s see how PF has destroyed things. You look at education; things are not okay. You look at agriculture, things are not okay. You look at many areas, things are not moving okay to the level whereby regardless of the political party you are, the church you attend, problems affect each and everyone and it’s in these lines that people have resolved to vote PF out in 2021. So for someone to go into PF, it means they want to be in opposition,” he said.
He said his loss in 2016 did not cause him to give up as he still had the heart for the people of Kapoche since current member of Parliament Dr Charles Banda was doing nothing and had failed the people.
He reminded people that what the opposition was saying during the 2016 campaigns was what they were facing now under Dr Banda.
“The way I feel about the status of Kapoche Constituency frustrates me because people have not tested good leadership. Charles Banda once served there but to date he can’t learn how to govern people by respecting traditional leaders and the electorate. All he knows is fooling the people with his party meetings,” Banda said.
He accused Dr Banda of being merciless with the people he represents.
“Charles alibe cifundo na banthu. He is in the third term but nothing is happening in terms of development and the absence of development in the area signifies the failure of his leadership,” Banda said.
He promised to respect the traditional leadership and community needs once elected to office.
“I promise when I take Kapoche, I won’t behave the way Charles is behaving as my principle is to foster development and ensure we move in the same direction with people who voted for me,” stated Banda.
Last week headman Nyamtuma Phackson Njobvu complained that Dr Banda does not respect traditional leaders as he doesn’t consult them on the affairs of the communities but has instead focused on satisfying the needs of party members.

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