THERE’S A REVOLT IN PF…bigwigs using KBF to ignite a rebellion against Lungu – Chongu

VOCAL PF supporter Max Chongu says there is a strong revolt within the party hierarchy that is using Kelvin Bwalya Fube to ignite a rebellion against President Lungu. Chongu says Fube, popularly known as KBF, is simply a pawn in a political game of chess as the real mafias are in the background pretending to be loyal to President Edgar Lungu while they wait to checkmate.


On Tuesday, Lusaka lawyer Fube popularly known as KBF, announced he would challenge President Lungu for the PF presidency for the 2021 general elections.

Stressing that President Lungu had done his best, Fube urged the Head of State to hand over the mantle to him and other members of the party.

But Chongu, a self-proclaimed “PF diehard” and former Big Brother contestant, said Fube’s recent “premature pronouncements” were a decoy to divert attention from the people with “real intentions” of toppling President Lungu.


“Inasmuch as it’s within KBF’s democratic and constitutional rights to aspire for high office and subsequently challenge President Edgar Chagwa Lungu at the national party convention am (sic) strongly convinced that KBF’s recent presidential ambitions and premature pronouncements are simply a decoy to divert attention from the real people with real intentions of toppling power from our distinguished humble leader President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. KBF is simply a pawn in what I will call political game of chess by real mafias in the background who are quiet, pretending to be loyal to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu but acting like the big chess pieces waiting for the right time to pull a move of checkmate,” Chongu said.


“Bemba proverb goes like: Chimbwi nga alelila ninshi naishiba umwine epo ashintilile (when a hyena cries, there is always a foothold where it is standing). Those that have reacted quick to KBF’s recent presidential ambitions and premature pronouncements of challenging the incumbent president are simply falling prey to KBF’s game plan and that is exactly what he wants, which I personally refuse to fall prey to.”


Chongu did not, however, identify who the alleged “mafias” in the party are. He said as a drafter of the PF constitution, Fube was aware of what supports a member to aspire for party presidency. Chongu said there was need for PF members to ask themselves where Fube was drawing the courage to make such pronouncements.


“KBF is a learned lawyer, great scholar and a well-established legal practitioner whom I know to be part of the team that drafted the PF party constitution, therefore, I expect him to understand all the clauses and requirements that support one to aspire for party president at the national party convention,” he said. “One does not need rocket science to know that KBF is not on any party structure, neither is he a member of central committee, which is the highest organ in our party today, hence the need for all of us to deeply ask ourselves a question where is KBF getting this vicious and extremely energetic courage to make such pronouncements?”


Chongu alleged that Fube was being used as a front aimed at dislodging President Lungu as party president.


“KBF could be used as a front by some big fish, most probably dining and winning with the President, pretending to be loyal but busy orchestrating political maneuvers (sic) aimed at removing President Edgar Chagwa Lungu from the position of party president and subsequently denying him an opportunity to contest as Republican president come 2021. Stately Kaiser Zulu once posted a statement on Facebook to say “The worst part of betrayal, is that it comes from those you trust the most,” he said.


Chongu said there was a strong revolt within the party hierarchy that is using Fube to ignite a rebellion against President Lungu.


“Remember KBF was vice elections chairperson and during his tenure of office, he toured the country, mobilising and organising party structures something that is giving him an edge to start making such pronouncements. KBF’s fearless and extremely courageous approach is explanation enough that he is definitely not alone in this battle but with a lot of people who have chosen to be quiet and watching from the political terraces with their legs crossed and hands folded waiting to act at the right time,” Chongu said.


“Attacking KBF or paying much attention to what he is doing or saying will be a serious and dangerous political miscalculation as real mafias with real intentions will have all the time to plan on what next line of action to take for all our concentration will be focused on KBF, leaving the mafias to freely plan. Is it just a coincidence that KBF picked his book launch on a day GBM [Geoffrey Bwayla Mwamba] was having his press briefing announcing his resignation from UPND to rejoin PF? Is it just a coincidence that most of these leaders that claim to have formed political parties have been telling their followers not to leave PF?

“Who announced first to say he’s the caretaker president for Hon. Harry Kalaba’s party and why is he still in PF? Why does Honourable Chishimba Kambwili keep saying if President Edgar Chagwa Lungu fires certain faces he can work with him? Why are old timers and supposedly founder members now eager to be active in the party, now that we are approaching the national party convention in 2020?”


Chongu said if Fube really wanted to challenge President Lungu, he would not have prematurely launched his campaigns.


Chongu said Fube was a spokesperson trying to test the waters for his team to see the reaction from the PF leadership and party in general.


“Is it just a coincidence that most leaders have chosen to keep quiet? Is it just a coincidence that when the constitution court (sic) announced the eligibility of ECL very few, if not any, leaders issued a statement to congratulate or thank ECL? KBF’s recent statement about people from MMD clearly demonstrates that this is surely a fight by many who have chosen to be quiet looking at how uncomfortable they are to have people from MMD occupying positions both in the party and government,” Chongu said.


“KBF is intelligently trying hard to sound interesting to most of our youths or grassroots today simply because he takes time to read our articles and listen to our voice notes on how best our leaders can empower and employ the grassroots, which he is now strategically using to ambush our leaders who neglect the information. Is it just a coincidence that his recent comments on youth empowerment including issues to do with bus stations, markets and taxi drivers, which is an exact replica of what was in my article when I talked about vendors, students, bus drivers, bus stations, taxi drivers, markets, small scale miners, Buses meant for Youth Empowerment, SMEs etc?”


He noted that if the problems the party had during 2014/2015 presidential by-elections resurfaced with the current economic turbulence, PF might end up kissing goodbye to power in 2021.


“When a blind man says I will stone you, don’t laugh or attack aimlessly but do a thorough (sic) check, you will find that he is actually stepping on a stone. My appeal to fellow youths in the party and our distinguished leaders is that let’s not be reactive, too quick to issue a barrage of insults, attacks or threats but let’s use wisdom and call for serious party reconciliation and unity because the problems we hard (sic) during 2014/2015 presidential by-elections if they resurface with the current economic turbulence am (sic) sorry to say this but we may end up kissing goodbye to power come 2021 and that will be betrayal to our founding father of the party late president Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIEP ),” said Chongu. “To comrade KBF my appeal to him is to seek audience with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and iron out differences amicably because it’s clear here we have personal vendettas which if left unchecked might divide our party and produce devastating political consequences come 2021. I urge fellow youths to remain steadfast, be loyal, protect, defend and support President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as this clearly to me does not look like a small political battle but something big which seems to be well planned against our distinguished humble leader.”


  1. moses

    April 29, 2019 at 7:30 am

    Max this makes sense, l totally agree with you! To the beloved party leadership, in particular the president, the enemies of your leadership made CK look bad in your eyes and consenquently ensured that he was timely removed, however, the main purpose was to ensure anyone posing a threat to their evil schemes is removed at lightening speed. Secondly, CK was known to be politically vibrant and with insurmountable ability to provide and sustain a powerful political power base for your office, this was not in their interest, therefore, CK had to go! Therefore, if this matrix can be re-arranged, there is more to do within the party, than concentrating the scarce resources on trying to understand what KBF’ pronouncements really mean! If this is not done, by the time the party presidency realizes these evil forces against Democracy will be in over drive, and 2021 a stone throw away!
    Kindly weed these people out!

  2. Alick Phiri

    April 28, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    u know it’s only that u don’t move remember it’s not fube it’s u who are working with the president u don’t tell the president the truth look the PF when president sata was on campaign promises he said low taxes but let’s see president sata time duty for the cars like corolla was k14000 Toyota hiace was k16000 let’s check now Toyota corolla now duty it’s k26162 see the difference hiace now it’s k36800 see the difference u guys u are rich and i don’t think u even vote but for as that voted for u guys but look now we are suffering like u voted for as God is watching the living Standard has gone high there people in the compound that voted for u people they can’t even afford one MIL a day people are suffering in compound when u guys u are leaving a good life good houses go and start asking house by house in chawama go and start asking house by house in kanyama chobolya makululu solobon etc see how many people afford to buy a bag of mill MIL u guys u don’t have Macy stop blaming someone one blame your self u forget the people that voted for u always tell the president that everything is OK when it’s not

  3. Muntu

    April 28, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Chongu doesn’t understand PF constitution. You don’t need to be in party structures to challenge the ECL at the convention. BUT a member of the Party for five years.

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