PF content with Lungu, says Kapoche official

KAPOCHE Constituency secretary Stephen Tembo says the Patriotic Front is content with Lungu as presidential candidate for 2021 because he is capable than Kelvin Bwalya Fube. In interview, Tembo said President Lungu had governed Zambia productively. He said every citizen could testify of President Lungu’s good developmental leadership, which Fube could not do.

“I don’t think Kelvin Fube is presidential material, but since we are in a democratic nation, let him exercise his rights though it won’t take him anywhere. I don’t underrate him, he might have qualities but I might spare him for future cases as for now there is nothing that Fube can do that Lungu can’t do. Lungu has held Zambia productively to the level where anyone can see the fruits under Lungu’s leadership,” he said.

He urged to people to be patient with the PF government like a vulture before it completes its development agenda.

“People are blinded with hatred they have for PF that is why they can’t see what it is doing. Just wait and remove hatred. Be like a vulture, a patient bird, so be patient with PF government as it is able to deliver just that currently it’s busy trying to resolve financial issues but I can assure you by 2021, we will be done with all our promises,” Tembo said.

Tembo, who is also Chongombe ward counsellor, boasted that in 2021 anyone who would contest on PF ticket in Kapoche Constituency would win because it does not give chance to the opposition.

“We are busy preparing for intraparty elections because we want to have visionary leaders. We want to have selfless leaders who will make sure the party remains strong and vigilant come 2021 so that whoever stands on PF ticket will win. We are making Kapoche Constituency to be like Dundumwezi which has no room for those they don’t believe in,” Tembo said.

He boasted of various developments in Kapoche Constituency done by PF government such as flats at Nyanje Mission Hospital, chieftainess Nyanje’s modern palace, bridges, among others, which had been done within a short period. Asked about the provincial chairmanship race between Elias Daka of Petauke and incumbent Andrew Lubusha, Tembo said the constituency was behind Lubusha since President Lungu was behind him.

“From the sound of the President when we went to Chipata, it indicated that he has a heart for Lubusha. If even the President is for Lubusha, who are we to deny him? He is a good leader as he is generous, humble, hardworking and focused…” Tembo said.

He challenged village headmen like Nyamtuma Phackson Njobvu not to be political headmen who want packages to reach their homes for them to believe that Kapoche Constituency member of parliament Dr Charles Banda was working.

“….some headmen are political headmen who want packages to reach their homes for them to believe that Dr Charles Banda is working. Njobvu in 2016 supported Yvonne, who was defeated by Charles and there is no way he can speak well of Charles,” claimed Tembo.

Last week Njobvu advised Dr Banda to respect traditional leaders because they were custodians of the land.

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