L/stone in mealie-meal shortage By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone

A MEALIE-MEAL crisis has hit Livingstone forcing the Livingstone Central Hospital to resort to feeding patients rice. A survey by The Mast revealed that most outlets in the tourist capital did not have the product in stock. However, Livingstone Central Hospital director Dr John Kachimba said there was no mealie-meal shortage.

“We don’t have a mealie-meal shortage, we buy enough for a month on a monthly basis. We have in stock to last for a month,” he said.
But sources revealed that the hospital had run out of the staple.
“We have a lot of challenges in the hospital at the moment. The initial one is the shortage of mealie meal which has forced the administration to opt for rice as there is nothing at the National Milling plant. The other is a shortage of drugs, mainly used by our friends in the theatre. A lot of operations have been suspended and this can be attributed to a freeze on donor aid,” hospital sources revealed.
A survey in the tourist capital by this reporter revealed that most outlets including chain store Shoprite only had National Milling breakfast meal in 10kgs and 2.5 kgs packs.
Naomi Maambo, a trader, said she had just returned from the National Milling plant in 2-17 area and was told that only roller meal was being produced but that the queue was too long and she would not get her order until Thursday.
She said she only had 2.5 kg packs of breakfast meal pegged at K18

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