Cuba denies having troops in Venezuela

THERE are no Cuban troops in Venezuela, says foreign ministry’s deputy director for the United States, Johana Tablada.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, Tablada denied claims by US national security advisor John Bolton that Cuba had troops in the South American country.
“There are no security forces from Cuba in Venezuela. Cuba does not participate with military troops or personnel in military operations in Venezuela. These falsehoods constitute an affront to the people of Cuba, the government of Cuba, the people of Venezuela, and the international community, sovereign states and the US people who deserve to know the truth,” she said.
Tablada stressed that in recent weeks the Cuban government has denounced a series of accusations, falsehoods and slander regarding the nature of the cooperative relationship between Cuba and Venezuela, headed by “a pathological liar, former ambassador John Bolton, who has a long history of conflicts with the truth.”
She recalled that Bolton lied about the existence of chemical weapons in Iraq, and of biological weapons in Cuba in 2002, lies that cost him his appointment as US ambassador to the United Nations, following a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, which led to his own party voting against him and recommending that he be prevented from returning to public office at such a high level.
Tablada emphasised that the escalation in accusations in recent days is intended to conceal the failure of the sustained US policy of aggression against Venezuela, and the frustration after the second coup attempt against the legitimate government of Nicolás Maduro was also defeated.
“The objective is to shroud the real support that exists in Venezuela for the government and the Bolivarian Revolution, and the lack of support for the self-proclaimed or supposed leaders chosen by the United States,” she said.
Tablada explained that the intention is to find the most convenient pretext to impose and justify new measures of aggression against the Cuban people, on claiming that the island has 20,000 soldiers posted in Venezuela and is interfering in its internal affairs, “something that even the US government knows is untrue.”
Tablada noted that as part of the same policy of hostility, US President Donald Trump threatened the island with the proclamation of a “full and complete embargo,” if its troops were not withdrawn from Venezuela.
“We can’t withdraw something that does not exist from Venezuela. This is a disrespectful statement that conceals the cruel nature of the scope of these measures against our people,” Tablada said.
She highlighted that such recent announcements appear to overlook the fact that for 60 years the people of Cuba had suffered the most wide-ranging, complex and absurd system of unilateral sanctions and coercive measures in history, and that “Bolton is delirious when he says that the whole world supports the sanctions.
“This decision will be met by our country, by our people, by our government, as always: we will denounce it, but we will resist. The people of Cuba will resist and triumph,” said Tablada.
President Donald Trump addressed the conflict in Venezuela on Wednesday evening during an appearance on Fox Business, calling it a “terrible situation” and an “incredible mess” that is likely to be “very bad” going forward.
“We’re doing everything we can do short of the ultimate — and there are people that would like to have us do the ultimate,” he told host Trish Regan via phone, adding that “we have a lot of options open.”
Tensions are rising between the US and Russia over the crisis.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the US may take military action to resolve the crisis, and accused Russia and Cuba of destabilising the country through their support for President Maduro.
Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told Pompeo that America’s influence over Venezuela is destructive and a violation of international law.

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