What type of political party is PF?

What type of political party is the Patriotic Front that is failing to hold free and fair party elections?
The Lusaka Patriotic Front elections had to be suspended because of malpractices.
The party’s Copperbelt elections were denounced by many, including Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo.
After freezing the Lusaka party elections, Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila appointed an interim provincial party leadership to be headed by Paul Moonga.
The three top officials are the main contenders for the PF Lusaka Province chairmanship at party elections that have since been frozen.
The Lusaka Province PF elections divided the party prompting the party leadership to suspend campaigns.
Mwila revealed that Edgar Lungu had directed him to ensure that Lusaka Province has an executive committee to spearhead party mobilisation until the provincial elections are held.
Lusambo dismissed the party’s Copperbelt elections as “the most useless elections and we risk losing Copperbelt to the opposition”.
Lusambo said the elections was about who controls black mountain.
Now Eastern Province Patriotic Front chairmanship aspirant Elias Daka says he has withdrawn from the race and petitioned Mwila over alleged unfair manner in which the intraparty elections in the province are being conducted.
And Mwila has cancelled the party provincial elections in Eastern Province. Mwila said by the same token, the recently held intraparty elections in the province have also been nullified forthwith.
Withdrawing from the party elections last Friday, Daka said he does not want people to shed blood because of intraparty elections.
“My team has withdrawn from the race because there is no fairness and transparency in the elections that are being done. I have received reports that our people are being intimidated and elections (for constituency and districts) are being held at night. You heard what happened at Radio Maria, our colleagues sent thugs to beat up my people just for these intraparty elections. Now being a leader, I said we can’t continue with this because we can cause bloodshed and we can divide the party more. So I have decided with my team to withdraw and put up a petition to the relevant authority so that they can look at the process of elections. In democracy there should be rules governing elections. There was no way we can just hear that they have started elections in Kasenengwa when there is no circular that has been provided to the stakeholders. I can cite an example in Katete, our people were threatened, others had their application torn by people from the other team. So the democracy that we are supposed to show is not there because you cannot have elections at night. In Chipata, the district committee was formed around 02:00 hours! A conducive atmosphere should be provided for free and fair elections, not where others are being beaten, intimidated and are banned from checking what is happening. We can’t allow such things to happen. This is not fair. There is no way in this era we can conduct elections at night. What type of democracy is that?”
How can a party that is failing to adhere to some basic democratic tenets on the the organisation of its internal elections be expected to respect democratic principles when competing with other political parties?
They say charity starts at home!
How can a party whose cadres and leaders are violent towards each other be expected to be peaceful when it comes to interparty dealings?
Is this a political party from which to reasonably expect peaceful, free and fair elections?

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