Respect Venezuela’s sovereignty!

Donald Trump should heed Vladimir Putin’s advice that attempts to change the government in Caracas by force undermines prospects for a political settlement of the crisis.
Only the Venezuelans themselves have the right to determine the future of their country.
If there are elections disputes there are peaceful mechanisms for challenging them, and not the violent methods being initiated, supported and financed by the United States.
Not everyone is happy with the way Trump was elected President of the United States. There were even allegations of Russia influencing his election. Has the United States tolerated any outside interference in its elections and internal affairs – sovereignty?
What’s good for the United States is good for Venezuela and other countries.
The interference in Venezuelan internal affairs have gone far beyond what any country can tolerate.
And Venezuela has demonstrated a lot of patience and restraint in dealing with the internal agents of the United States who have shown no regard for the law, decency or restraint of any sort.
No self-respecting nation, democracy, can tolerate violations of its sovereignty in this way.
We urge the United States to mull over things and respect the sovereignty of other nations.
The past decade has seen the United States violet, with total impunity, the sovereignty of other countries – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and so on and so forth. The world has watched helplessly United States drones and forces push against the borders and sovereign rights of Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
2014 reports of USAID’s covert involvement in a Twitter-like propaganda project in Cuba, obviously intended to help overthrow that country’s government, once again undermine that agency’s claims to supporting economic development and giving humanitarian assistance to poor countries. However, this comes as no real surprise to anyone familiar with its past support of antidemocratic and regime-change efforts in various parts of the world.
In the 1960s and early 70s, USAID was involved, in close collaboration with the CIA, in funding police training programmes and similar efforts for right-wing forces or military juntas in a number of states in Asia (Taiwan, South Vietnam, Laos), Europe (Greece) and Latin America (Uruguay, Brazil, Guatemala). Until it was shut down by Congress in 1974, this programme was found to be engaging in torture training techniques. More recently, USAID, involved in what it calls “democracy promotion,” has encouraged local efforts to overturn governments in various parts of the world,
including financial support for the “colour revolutions” of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, which clearly were designed to both open markets for transnational capital in the region and extend the reach of NATO closer to Moscow’s doorstep.
The initiative taken by President Harry Truman with the creation of the CIA and other covert instruments of the state to broaden the military presence of the United States has been taken up by every subsequent American president acting as commander-in-chief of US military bases around the world. If not seen by most Americans, “democracy promotion” by the United States is recognised throughout most of the world as an effort to bring untapped regions of the world into the orbit of transnational capital and industry, and overriding the sovereignty of nations at will via the rhetorical cloak of “democracy” and the newfound rationale of “right to protect” interventionism.
The United States has accused Russia of expansionist ambitions in historically Russian Crimea; it would be better served by studying its own postwar history of rogue invasions thousands of miles from home, for which no apologies have been issued.
It’s time to denounce the effects that the United States’ economic blockade is having on the Venezuelan people.
The time is now to denounce with information, evidence, and number, who is really responsible for the shortages of food and medicine in Venezuela, and how many victims have been terribly hurt.
Let’s join our voices with our brothers and sisters in Venezuela to demand that Trump unblocks Venezuela.

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