GBM is sitting in Limbo waiting for dice to roll

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says he is ready to wait for 21 years to be readmitted to the ruling Patriotic Front. Does he have a choice?

But the truth is GBM is lying, he can’t wait for that long. By that time the Patriotic Front may be extinct as a party. The Patriotic Front is not likely to survive for long after losing power.

And, moreover, GBM doesn’t stay away from a ruling party for long. The Patriotic Front is today attractive to GBM simply because it is in power. If the Patriotic Front loses elections in 2021, GBM will stop seeking its membership.

GBM is a tenderpreneur and as such he needs to be in or near to government all the time – save for very short transitional periods.

GBM went to UPND in 2016 because, like many others, he thought they were winning that year’s elections. And he has left the UPND because he sees its chances of winning the 2021 elections near to zero. He didn’t join the UPND because there was something he liked about its policies or Hakainde Hichilema.

We also don’t think he has gone back to the Patriotic Front because of love for its policies and leader Edgar Lungu. Has GBM forgotten what he used to say about Edgar and the Patriotic Front? He hasn’t forgotten! But he wants all of us to forget! Edgar hasn’t changed in any way. If anything, Edgar has become worse. And there’s nothing that has cleansed the Patriotic Front of its iniquity – it is more filthy than it was at the time GBM left it to join the UPND.

The only thing that has changed are Hakainde and the UPND’s electoral prospects.

And we shouldn’t be deceived by posturing, GBM doesn’t have the type of money he wants us to believe he has. Things are not that good for GBM financially – he is down. But he has to cling to the image of a man with lots of money. Why? It’s because GBM feels his main source of value is money and without deep pockets he is nothing.

And when the worthy of a human being is tied to how much money he has there’s a big problem.

If the Patriotic Front loses elections in 2021 GBM will not be part of it for long; he won’t wait to join it in 2041! In his calculation the Patriotic Front is winning the 2021 elections and it’s prudent for him rejoin them now. Whatever the humiliation he has to endure trying to rejoin the Patriotic Front it is worth it.

We feel sorry for those poor and desperate souls who have to follow him wherever he goes to eat his Edgar and Patriotic Front vomit.

Will Edgar ever respect, truly forgive and like him?

The same things GBM is today saying about Hakainde and the UPND were the same things he was not very long ago saying about Edgar and the Patriotic Front. Can GBM fool Edgar the way he had fooled Hakainde?

The problem with people like GBM is that they often overrate themselves – thinking they are smarter than the people they are dealing with.

Can’t GBM see that Edgar is not excited about him rejoining the Patriotic Front? Actually there’s no one excited about him rejoining the Patriotic Front.

As Jimmy Cliff sang in a reggae rhythm, for now GBM has to continue sitting in Limbo waiting for dice to roll “like a bird without a song” – he’s got some time to search his soul. He doesn’t know where life will lead him.

But he knows where he has been; he can’t say what life will show him but he knows what he has seen. He has changed parties like underwear, but all that is passed and gone!

He is sitting in limbo waiting for the tide to flow.

These are the wages of opportunism! This is the life of an opportunist! This is what happens to human beings when values and principles are lost!/


  1. Jay

    May 11, 2019 at 10:34 am

    Very correct GBM overrates himself when he’s not a politician. He doesn’t even have a following. Mudala don’t fool yourself you know no jack of politics so stop wasting our time.

  2. Concerned

    May 11, 2019 at 6:54 am

    Gbm a finished politician

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