It’ll get nasty within PF as 2021 approaches, predicts Akafumba


IT will get nasty within the PF as 2021 approaches and if the police do not act professionally, we are likely to see intra-party voilence, warns NDC vice-president Josephs Akafumba.
In a statement, Akafumba, a former PF provincial chairperson in charge of Southern Province, said the current leadership came into being through violent acts.
“They come through a violent door when late Sir Michael Sata passed on, May His Soul Rest in Peace. From President Edgar Lungu to the lower leadership ranks within the national executive, all come in through hook and crook. We all remember how Dr Guy Scott was called names and now people like KBF (Kelvin Bwalya Fube) want to come in through democratic means [and] they are blocking him and calling him names, some young men are calling for the resignation of the PF secretary general and they are being blocked even from demonstrating,” he said.

“However, what do you expect from a political party that has abused the police to an extent of not being professional? We all know that the policemen and women now fear to do their work professionally after what happened in Sesheke when a team of officers acted professionally to stop a potential violent polling day on February 12. I can assure Zambians that it will get nasty within the PF as 2021 approaches and if  the police do not act professionally, we are likely to see intra-party violence,” Akafumba said.

He added that should there be violent acts, the police would not arrest anyone.

“If they do, they will only arrest those with divergent views from the PF top leadership such as KBF or those calling for the removal of Mwila. We have a young vibrant girl (in reference to late UNZA 4th year student Vesper Shimuzhila) who could now have been imparting knowledge into other Zambians resting in pain as the people who caused her death have not been brought to book. UNZA students still remember her and will continue to mourn until the perpetrators of her death answer to the Laws of Zambia. We have our own Lusaka Province youth chairman Obed Kasongu, who died at the hands of known violent PF thugs in Roan,” Akafumba said.
He appealed to Zambians to ignore the violent acts of the PF as seen during the Sesheke and Roan by-elections.
Akafumba said Zambians needed to brace themselves to remove the PF from power by voting en mass during the 2021 general elections.

“I am appealing to all young women and men who have the chance to vote for the first time to register when the time comes and show the PF that they are not happy with the high levels of poverty, intolerance, unemployment and corruption being perpetrated by the PF under President Lungu. We need credible leaders such as CK (Chshimba Kambwili) and his team of young men and women to redeem Zambia. We need Zambian workers to smile once again instead of being gloomy when its time for them to get a salary,” said Akafumba.

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