Lungu’s surprise on PF cadres’ violence is fake, says Mwambula

 EASTERN Province UPND information and publicity secretary Mususa Mwambula President Edgar Lungu’s surprise over police inaction on violent cadres is fake. President Lungu has expressed surprise on the failure by police to arrest PF cadres that attacked media houses in Chipata and Ndola. In an interview, Mususa said the president was very much aware of what his cadres do but just wants to fool Zambians to think he was against violence when his party was supporting its.

“The surprise by the President on the inaction of the police in arresting cadres is fake because PF violence is well known to him as he has received incidences of his cadres several times but it’s unfortunate that in public the president condemns violence but inside their rooms as PF, they support the unruly behaviors of the cadres,” he stated

Mususa warned President Lungu not to take citizens for granted thinking that they do not know about his failed leadership. He said citizens were very observant only waiting for the right time for them to speak about their grievances.

“PF clearly tells us that any PF cadre is free to do anything they want and what pleases them and men in uniform should not try to do anything against the cadres. Practical example is what happened in Sesheke where men in uniform wanted to maintain peace and order but what followed? Cops lost their jobs and the funny thing is that President Lungu did not get surprised at the firing of the cops in national interest and here he is today being surprised as to why cadres are not arrested, anaboza, he is a liar, he should not fool us. When a PF cadre is arrested, they will create fake laws against an officer who has arrested the cadre and make sure he dances for doing a right thing. Please, President Lungu, be honest, we know everything behind those PF violence,” Mususa said.

On media attacks by PF cadres in Kitwe and Chipata, Mwambula warned the PF not to wage war against the media because it was a good weapon to elevate or pull someone down. He said PF attacks on media would make all media houses support the opposition to move the current government out of power.

“Reporters are so important to this nation because even my grandparents in rural areas are able to know the status of the nation on how it is governed but for PF to oppress reporters, they create a situation where media will support opposition in an effort to remove the barbaric and doctorial PF government,” he said.

He asked President Lungu and his government to sit down and evaluate themselves if they were to win favour from the people who have distanced themselves from the current government.

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