Kambwili is surrounded by people using him for positions – Musenge faction


THE Mwenya Musenge grouping of National Democratic Congress says Chishimba Kambwili is surrounded by people who are using him for their personal ambitions of becoming MPs or mayors.


In a statement yesterday, Brian Chirambo, national spokesperson of the grouping, said Kambwili’s followers did not care whether he becomes the president of Zambia in 2021 or not as they do not have confidence in him.

“The people surrounding Kambwili are using him just for their personal ambitions of becoming MPs or mayors. They don’t care whether he becomes the president of Zambia in 2021 or not. In fact, they do not even have the confidence in him ever becoming president of Zambia. If at all they care and mean well, why can’t they listen to the call from the SG Mr Musenge, who has consistently advocated for the members to respect and follow the party constitution on choosing leaders of the party?” Chirambo asked.

“Articles 18 and 20 are clear on how the leaders of NDC should assume office. In fact, the constitution of our party says that all party positions are elective. What is their fear? Why can’t we for once do the right thing? We must be different as NDC; people are watching us now and how we handle our internal issues will determine how far we will go as a party. The SG (Mr. Musenge) is not interested in the party presidency. He only wants us to abide by our constitution.”

Chirambo called on NDC members to build a strong foundation that would help them stand even when the real storm hits them.

“The seeds that those around Kambwili are sawing will have a very bad effect on the party in the future. Our call as NDC is let’s build strong foundations that will help us stand even when the real storm hits. We must be a different party from the others, this is what the SG, Mr Musenge is advocating for. Let people contest at the National Congress and get legitimacy from the members of the party. In conclusion, I wish to appeal to all our members to be law-abiding citizens that respect the rule of law,” Chirambo said.

Chirambo further said the NDC he belonged to was happy to be part of the National Dialogue Forum through their representative Steven Chewe.

Musenge has refused to accept his relegation to chairman for chiefs and traditional affairs and Kambwili’s appointment as president of NDC.

Meanwhile, NDC Central Province youth chairman Delkins Bwalya has charged that Musenge is a hired gun who wants to destabilise the opposition party.

In a statement, Bwalya accused the former Copperbelt minister lawmaker of colluding with individuals to destabilise the NDC.

“We are aware that honourable Mwenya Musenge is working with certain people from the ruling Patriotic Front in order to cause confusion in the NDC with the sole aim of destabilising the National Democratic Congress. It is unfortunate that despite attempts by our leader, Chishimba Kambwili and vice-president Josephs Akafumba, to bring sanity in the NDC, honourable Mwenya Musenge has continued issuing statements without the blessings of the central committee,” Bwalya stated. “It is now clear that ba Mwenya Musenge is a hired gun who is conspiring with some PF senior members in order to destabilise the National Democratic Congress. It is clear that ba Musenge is being used.”

Bwalya cautioned Musenge not to cause confusion in the National Democratic Congress, stating that the opposition political party was making positive strides in the Zambian political arena and that the party leadership would not be detracted by individuals working with the ex-Copperbelt Province minister.

“The NDC has been making inroads politically across the country. And the win we recently recorded in the Roan parliamentary by-election is testimony that the NDC is proving to be a force to reckon with on the Zambian political landscape. And the National Democratic Congress leadership will not be detracted by individuals like Musenge and the people he is working with. But they will not succeed because we have well established structures,” Bwalya stated. “And as youths in Central Province, we will not sit idle while people with hidden agendas and ill motives gang up to destroy the NDC.”

Bwalya further advised the former Chimwemwe parliamentarian to learn to discuss internal political matters with the NDC leadership as opposed to destabilising the opposition political party through the media.

He expressed optimism that Musenge would swallow his pride and find time to discuss internal matters with established party structures.

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  1. mwansa john

    May 11, 2019 at 7:36 pm

    ba chirambo mwali kwi ilyo kambwili alewina roan by-election? umufulo ubi,LESA tatemwa

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