PF says NDF born out of failure by ZCID and Church to agree


RULING PF legal affairs committee chairman Brian Mundubile says the National Dialogue Forum is a credible process born out of a stalemate between the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue and the three Church mother bodies.

Mundubile, who is Northern Province minister, claims that the National Dialogue Forum (NDF), that was set to close this evening, is characterised by “a lot of transparency and a lot of inclusiveness.”

Speaking on Muvi TV’s Unscripted programme on Thursday night, Mundubile, a lawyer, said President Edgar Lungu “had allowed for a people-driven dialogue process, hence the Siavonga resolutions.”

“In the Siavonga resolutions, if you read through, there were two proposals. The first proposal was that a technical committee is appointed where all stakeholders recommended one person to the technical committee. Then came the second proposal – the idea of the Church mother bodies came in as a second proposal,” Mundubile explained.

“We stayed for seven months waiting for the Church and ZCID (Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue) to agree to lead the process. But in the meantime, you (Zambians) were saying there was tension in the country. But for how long could we sustain this tension on account of parties that are supposed to lead the process just failing to agree on the text of the MoU?”

He added that since the Church mother bodies and the ZCID failed to agree on the text of the MoU, the government could not sit aside.

“So, the government came up again and said ‘let’s still deal with a people-driven process but this time it must be backed by law’, hence this particular process,” Mundubile said, adding that Zambians were all brothers and sisters who were keen on continued co-existence.

“So, what we have seen at the NDF, as opposed to what is being portrayed, there is a lot of brotherhood. What is happening is [that] if I have a proposal and my friend has a different one, we are sitting over tea to negotiate and compromise and a lot of persuading of each other is going on.”

Meanwhile, Mundubile, who is Mporokoso PF member of parliament, indicated that even the ruling party was failing to have certain proposals at the NDF to go through because “other people have persuaded us” otherwise.

“We are voting on very few items; what we are using is consensus because we are confirming that we indeed can sit as brothers and sisters, agree on how Zambia should be governed going forward,” noted Mundubile.

“So, I want to confirm that the process is very credible; this process was born out of a stalemate that was there between the ZCID and the Church mother bodies. We did not ignore the initial plan [but] it was on account of lack of movement on that particular process that we went this way [of the NDF].”

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