This is a very bad govt by very bad people


Fr Kennedy Chola has warned that the violence perpetrated by Patriotic Front cadres will soon backfire: “Zambia is in wrong hands. Leadership does not seem to care. We can’t have every day, it’s ‘PF cadres this, PF cadres that,’ no! We need to be a more serious country and more serious in economic issues. Address the high prices of mealie-meal. Those in authority, you have politicked enough. Like I have said time over and over, we need to be serious with our governance. Let us look at the economy. How is the economy performing? What should be done to improve on the continued weakening of the kwacha [local currency]? These are issues that should preoccupy us. The poor are suffering and we need to address this. We can’t continue in this path of neglecting the poor. Our concern is the poor. If the poor can be provided with the basic needs, then we are fine. Today, the price of mealie-meal is so high for an average Zambian. Very soon Zesco is increasing the electricity (tariffs). How will our people survive? That is our cry for the people.”

This is not a politician saying this; it’s a Catholic priest! Is he being partisan? Can he be accused of hatred for Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front?

Tomorrow don’t be surprised to hear this priest being attacked by all sorts of scoundrels from the Patriotic Front.

Is this priest right in his assessment of the situation? Is he truthful and sincere? Does he mean well?

Edgar and his government don’t mean well. This is really a very bad government by very bad people.

A bad government cannot only be called as a ‘bad’ government; the real adjective should be this: enemy! Yes, bad government is a real enemy for the country it governs, an enemy within! A bad government always lies to its people because telling the truth requires honour and courage.

Mehmet Murat ildan said, “There are many peaceful ways to get rid of a fascist government and economic war against such a government is the best way amongst all these ways! And what is the economic war? It is to stop feeding the economy that feeds the fascist government, it is to take out your own individual brick from the wall of pro-government economy. Halt the food of the devil! Don’t forget that it is you who is feeding the hyena that bites you!”

This bad government is there because we have allowed it to be there. It’s not because Edgar and his minions are too powerful to remove. Real power does not lie with Edgar and his minions; it lies with us, the people. If today a good number of us turn against Edgar and say ‘enough is enough’ he will have no choice but to go.

It is said that to sin by silence when we should rise up against a bad government makes cowards of men.

If dogs are governing a country, what can you hear every day other than horrible barking noises?

A nation which accepts to live under a bad government is just a bad nation! If a nation wants to be called honourable nation, it must use the option to refuse any kind of policy which is against human dignity! No refuse, no honour! If you don’t refuse a bad government, you deserve it all the way!

When we vote for bad people in an election, we are not only betraying our country, but we are also betraying humanity because only free minds in a free country can make a good contribution to humanity.

If a government has come to a point of not being afraid of the people, the people must remind the government that they should be afraid of the people! The people who do not respond on the streets to the arrogance, crimes of governments are nothing but herds of coward sheep that have approved fascism!

This bad government of Edgar is killing our country; it’s driving us into poverty and despair.

As Colin Powell said, “The root cause of poverty is social injustice and the bad government that abets it.”

And George Soros was right when he said, “Most of the poverty and misery in the world is due to bad government, lack of democracy, weak states, internal strife, and so on.”

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