If you sow violence you reap violence, Bishop Lungu warns politicians


CHIPATA Diocese Bishop George Lungu has cautioned the Patriotic Front and other political parties to desist from violent acts and embark on dialogue path when something goes wrong. On May 1, Patriotic Front cadres stormed Radio Maria and threatened to burn the Catholic-run radio station for featuring a PF member Maxson Nkhoma – a sympathizer of an aspirant for the position of provincial chairperson Elias Daka alias ELIBOMA.

The cadres who were led by Eastern Province treasurer Zephaniah Mwale and provincial youth chairperson William Phiri also issued death threats on the station’s news editor. Mwale and Phiri were briefly detained by police but were later released by police on account that they were pardoned by the church. Eastern Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha had an audience with the Bishop where he unreservedly apologised over what transpired.

During the profession vows for two Good Shepherd Sisters at St John’s Parish in Katete yesterday, Bishop Lungu who is also Zambia Conference for Catholic Bishops president said violence was not a solution to any problem.

“Hope you heard what happened at our radio station, Radio Maria, the violence that was targeted at us by the PF. Now, we should thank God and their leaders because they came to the office to apologise, which was right and I thank them and told them to continue humbling themselves like this,” he said.

“But I told them that like what our Lord Jesus Christ told that woman who was caught committing adultery that ‘you go but should not sin again’ and I also told them that you go but don’t repeat it. Now take this as a serious warning to all political parties, pepani (sorry), violence is not needed. If you sow violence you reap violence. What we want is that if things are going wrong, let’s talk. Things end by talking, not war! We should dialogue and reconcile and if we do that we are going to develop our country. This should be the last time that we should hear that you have attacked a radio station in Eastern Province or our journalists. Do not touch them! They are doing a commendable job to promote democracy in Zambia and if you attack them it means we are destroying good things that they are doing.”

Bishop Lungu said people need journalists so that they could have informed positions especially during elections so that people could vote for a person who can foster development.

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