We can’t continue on a jogging spree while the dollar is splinting away from the Kwacha – Kabamba

RISE up and show leadership, not just jogging, staunch PF youth Venny Kabamba has told President Edgar Lungu. Kabamba, who was part of President Lungu’s successful 2016 presidential campaign, complained about the state of affairs in the country. He lamented about the rising prices of essential commodities, delayed payment of businesses contracted by the government and abolishment of students’ meal allowances.

Kabamba stated the hurried abolishment of student bursaries by those in leadership was uncalled for and that the nation was being dragged to the ancient times.

“President Lungu must rise to the occasion and start showing leadership. This nation cannot continue to be on a jogging spree while the dollar is splinting [sic] away from the Kwacha, prices of commodities are running up at a record high, payment of local contractors is at a snail’s pace, bursaries for students scrapped off at lightening speed and yet we have MPs and ministers with their cronies who feel the reintroduction of the deputy ministers is development, abolishment of mayors and chairpersons being elected by the masses is development, this nation is going to the ages of 1700 BC ancient times, and yet the president seems not to be awake and alive to such issues. He seems to be in the business as usual mood with such sad doings,” Kabamba stated.

He stated that President Lungu must jog up by curtailing bad decisions being made by his ministers.

“Yes, we appreciate you sir jogging but please jog up to your job and show leadership in cutting down these awkward decisions being made by the people we elected to work for us yet they are working for themselves…vision2026!! #youngstately,” stated Kabamba on his Facebook page.

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