PF must learn from SA’s ANC in conducting elections – Ng’uni


ZAMBIA needs to learn from how South Africa conducts it’s political campaigns, says UPND Southern Province secretary Winnerson Ng’uni. Commenting on the elections in South Africa, Ng’uni said the maturity of the ruling ANC was impressive.

“I am happy that the South African youths and political leadership have shown us how it must be done. They are accommodating  to each other, their posters were mounted alongside each other, no one was beating other opponents, this is a lesson for Zambia and we must learn from them, especially our colleagues in the PF,” Ng’uni said.

He added that the PF needed to be lectured by the ANC and other South African politicians over violence and intolerance. Ng’uni said the South African public media was not interfered with by the ANC.

Unlike millions of their South African counterparts who have shunned the polls, Ng’uni urged Zambian youths to register for the 2021 general elections.

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