Lungu leads a lawless govt of plunderers – Beyani


UPND policy and research chairman Dr Choolwe Beyani has charged that President Edgar Lungu leads a lawless government of plunderers. He believes the PF government is not committed to upholding rules and principles of good governance.

Dr Beyani noted that  “much theft and thuggery, we’ll continue to challenge this regime until we free our people from bondage.”

He made the remarks on Prime TV’s ‘Oxygen of Democracy’ programme on Monday night.

“I have never witnessed a government of plunderers and as lawless as the PF. I have never witnessed in my life as a citizen a government like this. So it’s clear that we have a government that is not really committed to rules of governance, principles of governance that are anchored on human rights,” Dr Beyani said.

“They talk about human rights…. I sometimes I even wonder if Edgar Lungu really did law because if he did law, he as the Head of State should not be allowing these things to happen. He as the Head of State should not sanction the firing of police officers in Sesheke who were arresting thugs and criminals, causing mayhem in that place. They shouldn’t be fired!”

He accused President Lungu of leading “the party of thugs, the thuggish party.”

“He takes responsibility for what happens in the party, he can’t run away from it. If you have people attacking journalists at a radio station in Chipata and you have never heard retribution until midway things just get out of hands, then you have a problem,” he noted.

“It means that those who uphold the law and those who sworn to protect and uphold the law are not doing their job. If you can’t protect citizens, you must as well say ‘sorry, I have failed’ and quit public space and allow other people who can govern better and properly.”

He added that the UPND had spent 20 years in the opposition and claimed that the opposition party had a manifesto that addresses all the issues of governance, human rights, economic development, agriculture and healthcare.

“We developed an implementation plan. We agreed as a party that we should not go into government blank like PF went to government and they got lost. We have a clear plan,” Dr Beyani explained.

He further indicated that the UPND would find other avenues of dealing with the PF’s alleged electoral corruption, ahead of the 2021 general elections.

“In the last elections [in August 2016], we pretty much checkmated 60, 70 per cent of PF manoeuvres,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Dr Beyani called the ongoing National Dialogue Forum a PF outfit.

“This is not a national dialogue! They are using the word ‘national’ [but] this is a PF dialogue. If it was a national dialogue forum, the Church [mother bodies] could have led this process, who are neutral arbitrators,” said Dr Beyani.

“This is a PF outfit and it has nothing to do with the country Zambia. You return deputy ministers and put back all the provisions that we had moved away from! So there is an agenda beyond the country.”

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