NDC starts campaign for imminent Lubwa ward by-election

THE National Democratic Congress has kick-started mobilisation in Kitwe’s Lubwa ward ahead of an imminent by-election. In an interview with NDC national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita said so far six people have shown interest to contest on the opposition party’s ticket. The seat fell vacant following the death of PF councilor and former deputy mayor of Kitwe Godfridah Chulu.

“I wish to confirm that the National Democratic Congress will participate in the forthcoming Lubwa ward by-election in Kitwe. The NDC has received overwhelming response from members of the public who have expressed interest in jostling for the seat,” Kabwita said.

Kabwita bragged that the popularity of the party keeps growing leaps and bounds and was optimistic that NDC would scoop the local government seat.

“The popularity of the NDC keeps on swelling on a daily basis. So far, six people have shown interest to contest the Lubwa seat on the NDC. I further want to confirm that the party will soon be meeting its alliance partners to see if a single candidate could be filled for Lubwa as the case was with Roan,” he said.

Kabwita, a former PF councilor, said the Copperbelt was now the NDC’s bedroom.

“Further, the NDC has held a series if meetings in Lubwa ward in the last few days and the response has been overwhelming. Without any grain of doubt in my mind, the NDC is certain of scooping this local government seat. The Copperbelt is now the bedroom of the NDC and we are ready to test the waters in Lubwa. The NDC will in due course avail its candidate for the Lubwa ward seat,” said Kabwita.

Meanwhile the NDC says party official Mwenya Musenge needs to be schooled about the party constitution. NDC policy and research analyst Zuwa Sinkamba, quoting excepts from the party constitution, highlighted duties of the national governing committee. He said the national governing committee, the highest organ of the party between the national congress, was the one mandated to lead and give directions to the party subject to provisions of the Constitution.

Zuwa explained that Musenge, who is claiming to be the NDC secretary general, did not have powers to dissolve the national governing council. He added that even if he were secretary general, Musenge would still not have had the powers to dissolve or discipline members of the NGC.

“Article 24: Duties of the Secretary General states that the SG shall be responsible for all internal and external coordination of the political administrative activities of the party and shall be the secretary to the National Governing Committee,” he stated.

Zuwa further stated that the secretary general was tasked with implementation of all decisions of the party organs and to maintain a regular register of party members. He added that according to the constitution, the secretary general was accountable to the national governing committee for party activities. Zuwa warned that the Registrar of Societies and Musenge should be careful on how they were carrying themselves.

“The Registrar of Societies and Mr Musenge should be careful on how they are carrying themselves. It is very worrying to entertain such lawlessness in a country that is supposed to be governed by the rule of law. I advise all our members to ignore Mr Musenge as advised by the party vice-president,” Zuwa said.

“Secretary general reports to the national governing council, implements decisions of the party organs and keeps party registers. What Mr Musenge did is a circus that only makes sense to him and his paymasters. Even the Registrar of Societies knows that and hence him abandoning the same matter and now rushing to court. I urge you all to ignore him and treat his statements with the contempt that they deserve. And we are very happy that the matter has now gone to court so that he can be schooled about constitutionalism and party administration of registered clubs.”

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