PF Lusaka interim executive should curtail its excitement – Komaki


JULIUS Komaki says the PF Lusaka Province interim executive should curtail its excitement in protecting and singing praises for secretary Davies Mwila because the political repercussions might be grave. Responding to a letter of possible expulsion from the PF, Komaki said the Paul Moonga-led executive was interim with specific defined roles of administering the office of Lusaka Province only in interim capacity “with very limited mandate.”

“I am a member of high standing in the Patriotic Front and from its inception I have not belonged to any other political party apart from the Patriotic Front unlike you Mr Paul Moonga that has trekked between the UPND twice in fact and the MMD,” Komaki stated.

He said that he was vested with the Patriotic Front Constitution and was guided by it in all manner of action, patronage and behaviour.

“In the subject matter of your missive, you cite my expulsion before even giving me a hearing by a rightful assembled board of disciplinary panel. Your letter is not specific to any breach of the Constitution and neither does it provide an approved disciplinary code of conduct for reference or minutes thereof,” he stated.

He said the executive had manufactured charges for him not provided for in the party constitution. Komaki observed that in summoning him, the executive had not circulated a notice of appointment of disciplinary panel and the hearing was not circulated without sufficient notice time.

“You may therefore note that the above before considering the contents of your letter, copy attached, and further missive over this matter and are encouraged to read the Patriotic Front Constitution further before exposing your ineptitude and inadequacies in administration and bringing the party into ridicule,” Komaki wrote.

He added; You have a premeditated outcome as evidenced from your letter and I would encourage you to recuse yourself in this matter to allow you enough time to mobilise supporters for Mr Mwila and continue to endeavour to sing his praises which appears to be your principal preoccupation at the expense of mobilising masses and support for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. How can you in the same breath of a letter notify me of my expulsion and also demand my exculpation?”

He insisted that his calls for Mwila’s resignation still stood and were being done in accordance with the party constitution. He said if members of the Lusaka Province PF interim executive were guided by human conscience and took introspection, deep down, their hearts, they would be shouting loudly that “Secretary General Davies Mwila is not steering the ship in the right direction as a matter of fact.”

Komaki urged Mwila to interrogate his inner conscience on whether his position remains tenable and if he had considered it his intention to resign without necessarily having to be embarrassed with incompetence and misconduct charges in the petition.

“In conclusion, I wish to urge you to call upon your decent reasoning and curtail your excitement in protecting and singing praises for Mr Davies Mwila as the repercussions may be grave,” he said.

Komaki got himself in trouble with the party after igniting a campaign to remove Mwila as party secretary general about a fortnight ago. After Mwila ignored a 48-hour ultimatum to resign, Komaki wrote to police notifying them of a procession to have Mwila removed on May 16. But Komaki was written to and summoned to appear before a disciplinary committee for gross indiscipline and insubordination.

Komaki ignored the summon.

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