These same PF cadres will one day beat, threaten Lungu – Phiri


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is sowing seeds of discomfort among Zambians, says Copperbelt Young Leaders Initiative for Justice and Peace executive director Abraham Phiri. Phiri says the PF thugs who are beating and threatening citizens will soon threaten President Lungu. In an interview, Phiri said there was a lot of discomfort among Zambians today.

“You see the seeds of discomfort that President Lungu is sowing will very soon backfire. People can no longer be taken advantage of. People are now more emotional than ever before. Today, the Zambian people will not use violence to speak. Look at the manner the President is tolerating the PF cadres to beat innocent people! These same cadres will one day beat and threaten the President. He will be President or not, but they will fall on him,” Phiri said.

“We are very disappointed that today, if you are not PF, you can’t move and trade freely. Look at the faces of the marketeers, they are working at the mercy of cadres. Cadres can do anything they want today and no one will touch them. In simple terms they are above the law.”

He said President Lungu should realise that to people were suffering. Phiri said the government should be more concerned about the prices of mealie-meal.

“Under the PF and President Edgar Lungu, it will be a luxury to have a meal. The levels of poverty are so high, competing with the high levels of corruption, theft and greed among our leaders. The President is showing us a no care attitude,” he said.

“What is more frustrating is the arrogance from those in authority who claim that all is well. What is well? The government should be more serious and put the interests of the people first.”

Phiri said the thuggery of PF cadres was unhealthy for the country.

“These cadres have now gone too far. We can’t have a group of thugs that will be going round to beat and intimidate citizens. What is happening is unhealthy for our country. These guys should not be allowed to do things with impunity. PF is responsible for these cadres. They are paid and allowed to do what they are doing,” said Phiri

“The unfortunate part is that the police are being silenced now. Police can’t act on the cadres. Where have you seen police waiting for instructions to arrest a criminal? These thugs are just criminals! They are PF criminals. And one day, they will be held to account for what they are doing.”

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