‘Tired’ Lungu requires us to show him the exit – Kalaba

DEMOCRATIC Party president Harry Kalaba says President Edgar Lungu is tired of leading the country and is now indirectly asking Zambians to show him the exit.

Reacting to a resolution by the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) that the post of a deputy minister be re-introduced, Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, charged that President Lungu did not simply mind about the state of Zambia and citizens.

He said the resolution of the NDF on deputy ministers greatly shocked him.

“I have received with great shock the proposal by the PF government that we should re-introduce deputy ministers in this country. I can’t believe it!  In a country where you have agro suppliers being unpaid K519 million to date, in a country where teachers can’t be put on the payroll because government is crying insufficient resources, in a country where CBU (Copperbelt University) has remained closed and nobody seems to bother about it, in a country where civil servants are not getting their salaries,” Kalaba lamented yesterday.

“RTSA, RDA, council workers, TAZARA workers; all these have gone unpaid for a long time. We can talk about deputy ministers! I’m shocked. When I tell people that this is a government that doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, people think ‘Kalaba is just talking the talk.’ I’m very serious with what I do.”

Kalaba added that he could never have sat in a government which could propose such kind of things when ordinary people were suffering.

“Honestly speaking, how can we do this? South Africa today is proposing the reduction of ministers. Countries which are doing economically well like Kenya don’t have deputy ministers,” he said, wondering further where the PF government was getting “this arrogance” to bring back deputy ministers.

“Instead of proposing an efficient civil service, you go and start thinking of appeasing members of parliament so that they can be appointed as deputy ministers, they get more gratuity, they get more allowances, they get more GXs. At whose expense?”

He told President Lungu to show seriousness in managing Zambia.

“This country belongs to all of us; we can’t continue on this paradigm!” he noted.

Meanwhile, Kalaba reminded Zambians to open their eyes and ensure that they did the correct thing in the August 2021 general elections.

“President Lungu can’t talk [but] what he is telling you indirectly is that he is tired and he requires us to help him; show him the exit door! It’s the only way!” said Kalaba.

“With due respect, Mr President, we have seen your actions and thank you for telling those teachers that are not on the payroll that ‘please, vote me out.’ Thank you for telling the farmers that you don’t care about them, thank you for buying that jet at $135 million. You don’t just mind about how this country is! Zambians, let us unite and do one thing in 2021 – we get rid of the PF.”

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