Lungu is fake – Syakalima

CHIRUNDU UPND member of parliament Douglas Syakalima has charged that President Edgar Lungu is fake and an incorrigible liar who is not worthy the people’s trust.

The National Dialogue Forum (NDF) resolved that mayors and council chairpersons be elected by councillors from among themselves, unlike the current system where they are elected directly by citizens.

“This will ensure that councillors who are elected by all people within the district and those who lead the council as mayors and council chairpersons become accountable to each other on the running of councils and to the people who elected them in the districts,” according to NDF spokesperson Isaac Mwanza.

But Syakalima feels such a plan by has the blessing of President Lungu because: “he sat in Cabinet when they were proposing those [constitutional] amendments.”

“Remember when I said this man is a dangerous hypocrite. He is lying to mayors and council chairpersons because he sat in Cabinet when they were proposing those [constitutional] amendments. So, I still insist that he a dangerous hypocrite and mayors and council chairpersons must understand that,” Syakalima, who is UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s senior advisor, said.

“What they (NDF delegates) are doing means that mayors and council chairpersons will have to stand in wards. But those wards already have councillors! So, it’s either their political careers have been cut off completely or they will have to go and start looking for a ward to stand in.”

He added that it might not be automatic that whoever was a mayor or council chairperson would retain that post in 2021.

Syakalima argued that it was going to be more prudent to let mayors or council chairpersons be elected by majoritarian system so that “they are accountable directly to the people, not accountable to their fellow councilors.”

“It doesn’t make any political sense whatsoever; it destroys the devolution of power. If you are a councillor and you are elected mayor or chairperson, it means that you have now to dance to the dictates of your colleagues, instead of dancing to the dictates of the people,” noted Syakalima.

“But we know that these PF, including their president…. In a sentence, this is how I can define Lungu; dangerous hypocrite, dangerous pretender, fake, a dishonest, incorrigible liar and not worthy the people’s trust.”

McDonald Mulongoti, a former Chingola mayor and now a PF member, has since argued that as opposed to the old system whereby mayors and council chairpersons were elected annually by councillors, current mayors and council chairpersons appeared to be more answerable to the electorates.

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