Why do you give Lungu few votes, Chota asks E/Province residents

Patriotic Front elections vice chairperson Lazarous Chota has asked people of Eastern Province why they give President Edgar Lungu little votes yet he is an easterner. Speaking to party members after intraparty elections in Sinda at Anzathu Primary School on Sunday, Chota challenged easterners to give Lungu maximum support.

“Lungu comes from Eastern Province but why do you give him little votes? Why? Mulepela ba (you are giving) MMD, mulepela ba (you are giving) UPND why? How many votes do we get in southern province? Nothing. This is the time that you make structures from sections, branches so that come 2021 by 10:00 hours Lungu should be leading,” he stated.

He said one time he visited Sinda during the reign of late president Michael Sata and found most roads where not graded. He said now President Lungu had changed the face of Sinda as most roads were graded and various developments had taken place, which should make people appreciate the Head of State by giving him another chance in 2021.

“We want people from here to take PF forward. We don’t want to see these other people bena Kambwili, bena Kalaba, no! We want PF to go forward. I have worked with President Edgar Lungu in big companies and he is a person who knows what he is doing because even where we worked together, he knew what he was doing,” he said.

He challenged the elected leaders to sell the party even to those in other political parties.

“People have elected you because they have trust and confidence in you. There are a lot of women who need women empowerment and it’s your task and responsibility as chairlady to fight for them. There are a lot of youths who need employment and it’s not there, it’s your task as youths’ chairperson to link them to these contractors so that they find something to do. Fight for them, that is your duty,” he advised.

Chota expressed happiness that people of Eastern Province were on track to vote for PF in 2021.

“Let’s work hard by even attracting members from other parties to join us,” said Chota

District chairperson Michael Phiri, his vice Thomas Mwale, secretary Best Mwanza, and district youth chairperson Pingilani Banda retained their seats. However, some sources within the party, especially youths expressed displeasure saying they needed a change at top leadership because the party was not ticking because of the top leadership which is not active.

“It’s okay since vacitika [it has happened] but surely we needed some changes ku asogoleri a pa mwamba [top leadership] such as the chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and even ku youths. Imwe mwekha muona kuti cipani muno mu Sinda sicioneka kamba kakuti azisogoleri sali bwino [the party is not very visible here in Sinda because the leadership is not okay] but since they have won again, no option it’s just to dance to their tunes but zinthu zizaonekera mu 2021,” lamented some members among themselves.

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