Don’t give up HH, 2021 we’ll know what to do for you – Katete headwoman

(By Richard Luo in Katete)

HEADWOMAN Msanjama Misozi Phiri has asked UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema not to give up his presidential ambition. Speaking in Chindwale ward where the opposition leader fulfilled his pledge, during a by-election, which UPND lost, to work on boreholes to provide clean water to the residents, Phiri said water was a challenge in various communities and encouraged the opposition leader to continue providing the commodity to people who cover long distances to fetch it.

She said when the promise was made, people did not believe that it could come to pass but now they were convinced that UPND under Hakainde sticks to promises.

“Thank you HH for sending Levy Ngoma to represent you in fulfilling the promise you made last time of a borehole. We are so much thankful, so please don’t give up HH, 2021 it’s okay, we will know what to do for you as things will be in place chifukwa tifuna kucinja boma (because we want to change government,” she stated

And headman Chisaka assured Hichilema that traditional leaders were behind him because of his heart for the people.

“We thank you HH for your hand in giving us water. We can assure you that as traditional leaders, we are truly behind you because of your charitable and good heart towards us and our people,” said headman Chisaka

And UPND provincial vice chairperson Mike Tembo expressed happiness that the step had given strength to the party in the province to shame those that thought the opposition party was tribal.

“Thank you so much Mr president of UPND for this. This is quite good and impressive as it shows that you are a leader of fulfillment and it’s such small and little things that matter most and which make the basics of life pleasant. On behalf of the party in Eastern Province, I say thank you ba president,” said Tembo.


Meanwhile, Levy Ngoma, a member of the national management committee in charge of agriculture, food and nutrition, said Hichilema’s leadership was measured for what he says and does.

He said the opposition leader  does not fail to fulfill what he promises. He said Hichilema had on several occasions fulfilled most promises he made to several communities around the country. He challenged all politicians in Zambia to honour their promises. Ngoma urged the traditional leaders to also honour their promises, not just to make the team feel good that in 2021 they would support the UPND.

“UPND is unique from other political parties because UPND honours its words because we follow what the party manifesto states. When we promise Zambians food and bread, we won’t give them snakes and stones. We will give them their food and bread while other political parties it’s all about corruption and violence,” stated Ngoma

He bemoaned that Zambia was bleeding under the leadership of one Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front.

“The country is bleeding, the country is wired under the leadership of one Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Patriotic Front government and that is the reason why the remaining hope for the Zambian people is UPND. I know others say UPND is tribal. No it isn’t, it’s only those that don’t want it to form government that claim it’s tribal yet in UPND leadership, different tribes are in it,” said Ngoma.

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