Kabwe singer challenges Tuta, Mushanga, Chileshe on poor roads

KABWE based singer, composer and performer Lota Mandevu Aka Drimz has lamented the poor roads in his hometown. Penning down his displeasure on the state of bad roads in Kabwe, Mandevu asked members of parliament Sydney Mushanga and Tutwa Ngulube and mayor Prince Chileshe what plans they had about the status quo in the Central Province Head quarters.

He mourned that barely two three years after the roads were done, today the area looks like a war zone. Mandevu asked the PF leaders in Kabwe how their counterparts in places like Kabwata in Lusaka were managing to get all the road construction works.

“Speaking as a Kabwe resident and within the Confines of my democratic rights, honourable Mushanga, honourable Ngulube and His Worship Mayor Chileshe, chilishani Zoona (What’s wrong really?). What’s your plan about Kabwe roads? Bwacha road was tarred some two three years ago but today it looks like a complete war zone. Katondo and Chowa roads, Lukungu lweka fye (just dust). Feeder roads like Mukonchi and Mulungushi road bulanda bushala…. Make me understand, how does Kabwata Constituency manage to get almost all its roads done and yet a small constituency like Kabwe Central fails to have serious roads projects in three years ai?” Mandevu asked.

He wondered whether his area was only going to see an upgrade of roads when a presidential visit was in the offing. He asked Ngulube, Chileshe and Mushanga what positive activities came out of the Central Province Expo.

“Are we only going to be subjected to seeing roads being graded when there is a presidential visit on the cards? What have we benefited economically from the Central Expo, which was held some months ago to which huge sums of money where spent to host it? Or maybe we should wait for another few years for us to see the benefits? And we are sitting on a time bomb…. The poverty levels keep increasing everyday and this in the near future could spell the rise in criminal activities just for people to survive,” Mandevu said.

He further lamented that poverty would soon drive citizens to do anything just to earn a living. Mandevu reminded the PF leaders that the farmers they promised cheap fertiliser were still waiting.

“You might not agree with this but mark my words; poverty will push a lot of people into doing anything for them just to survive. Don’t come here and say we shouldn’t wait for government, and then what’s the duty of government, which we elect aini? 2021 is fast approaching, what are you going to tell the youths you promised a better life and they keep seeing worse days? The farmer you promised cheap fertiliser? Mukasonta pesa kanabesa ba Mushanga, ba Ngulube naba Chileshe (What will you point at to show your works Mr Mushanga, Ngulube and Chileshe?) Bombeleni abantu (work for the people). And we are here to work with you to better this place we all call home.# Bikenimo effort. Twanaka nefisungu fyenu pa radio gentlemen (We are tired of your English analogies on radio gentlemen, hashtag exert more effort,” said Mandevu.

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