Zambia under Lungu is in ICU – Akafumba

ZAMBIA under President Edgar Lungu is in the Intensive Care Unit and needs strong antidotes to save it, says NDC’s Josephs Akafumba. And Akafumba says the PF is slowly turning Zambians against each other with its undemocratic and anti-human actions.
Commenting on the Eastern Province police action to stop NDC president Chishimba Kambwili from addressing a rally in Chipata on grounds he was not included on the list of officials that were to speak and that unless he left the city, the rally could take place, Akafumba, a prominent lawyer and former justice permanent secretary, said President  Lungu was placing Zambia’s democracy in danger.
“We are in deep trouble under this regime and it requires a concerted action of all Zambians to get rid of this PF regime because currently I can only say that Zambia is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and needs very strong medicines, very strong antidotes to save it from death. All can currently see that the economy is dead, the agriculture sector is dead, I don’t know what is still functioning in Zambia and if you compare it to a human body, the ICU is the best place. The man
is killing the only vital organ left for our country’s survival and that is democracy,” Akafumba said.
He appealed to the police to act professionally or be a target of an overhaul when government changes in 2021.
Akafumba, who is a former PF Southern Province chairperson, said the PF would soon swallow the bitter pill it was manufacturing by abusing the police.
“I would like to appeal to all the men and women in uniform to act professionally. We all know that they fear for their jobs after what happened in Sesheke and what happened in Ndola last week where two airport senior officials were suspended just because Hichilema used a public facility for his travel out of the city. No wonder the PF asked him to first get a permit to go to church, and they also wanted him to get a police permit to get on a plane out of Ndola. This is absurd and stupid,” he said.
Akafumba further appealed to Zambians to keenly follow the recent happenings perpetrated by the PF, warning that these might increase as 2021 draws nearer.
He appealed to the youths and women to get rid of the PF in 2021 by turning out in large numbers so as to avoid an acceleration of the current undemocratic, inhuman, and divisive actions of the PF.
“These guys are turning us against each other; they are using the police to make us fight. This is how wars start and it will be folly for the police to accept being used to stir up a bloodbath,” Akafumba said.

Meanwhile, Akafumba charged that President Lungu was the most untrusted Head of State in Africa.
In an interview, Akafumba said Zambia was very unfortunate to have elected a leader who was only bent on making his financial base bigger and bigger daily.

“We all can see how the civil servants and other public workers are suffering. This is unprecedented because we have not had such a situation before, even in the times of Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s mealie-meal coupons, at least the workers got their little penny on time or at least were cautioned with food. As days pass and as we get closer to 2021, the man [President Lungu] will take to making unilateral decisions which will make Zambians suffer even more,” he said.
“At the rate that Zambia is going, we will be the worst country in the region if not continent, economically and socially because of one most
untrusted Head of State on the continent, who is President Lungu. The writings are on the wall for everyone to see, the undemocratic tendencies are too numerous to itemise, the brutality of the police under the PF is getting worse by day; the stifling of the media is nothing to write home about. Just look at the decisions of the IBA; it’s dictatorial,” Akafumba said.
He said under the PF, the media is and will continue working under difficult moments as decisions to stifle independent voices would increase, especially under the IBA.
“I want to challenge the PF government to explain as to who is making IBA decisions, which are not in the interest of the private radio stations. We in the NDC understand that the IBA board expired last year in September and yet very important decisions are being made. One wonders how a permanent secretary and a director can make decisions for an institution that requires a board, one would have thought that a board would have been constituted and made to agree or not to agree to certain decisions,” said Akafumba.

The IBA has directed broadcast media to submit programmes every two weeks.

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