It’s madness to ask one to get police permit before going to church, says Ng’uni

UNLESS the church seriously counsels President Edgar Lungu, Zambia is headed for a bloodbath, warns Southern Province UPND secretary Winnerson Ng’uni.
And Ng’uni has advised the police to be professional as they may fail to stop an uprising when it happens.
In an interview after addressing a camp meeting for the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) in Dambwa North on Saturday, Ng’uni said it was strange that there could be a group of the clergy calling itself Christians for Lungu instead of Christians for the body of Christ.

“Zambians should never at any moment think that there is a requirement for one to go to Church as is being perceived by the government of President Edgar Lungu. It is madness to ask one to get a police permit before going to church, even the policemen and women who receive such orders should take it in their own conscience that this is wrong. If they execute such an order, then why are we calling Zambia a Christian nation? It is madness at its highest order. The police will not be able to stop mass violence once such break out because of their silly and unprofessional actions,” he said.

“The church has a lot to play so as to stabilise Zambia’s democracy. We started well under the MMD after they ousted Dr Kenneth Kaunda, but now we are getting worse than the worst countries that have been under a dictator. So I appeal to the church to take keen interest or else we are headed for bloodbath. It not that, they are not doing anything at all but they should do more than what they are doing,” Ng’uni said.

He, however, admitted that the church was also operating under very difficult times under the PF government.
“The church, especially the Catholics, Anglicans and the SDA have been condemning bad governance as this affects the majority of Zambians who are already suffering miserably due to high levels of poverty and unemployment. However, they should do more by even calling for a meeting with the so-called Christians for Lungu and sit down and counsel the Head of State. We all know that it’s President Lungu who is perpetrating whatever is happening in the country because he
has the powers to put an end to all this. We have had people being killed even in their own dormitories (in an apparent reference to the death of a UNZA student Vesper Shimuzhila),” he said.

“The Christians for Lungu need to explain how they view this situation. They call themselves Christians for Lungu while blood is being spilled. The police are being unleashed on innocent Zambians. There is need for a clergy committee that will include Christians for Lungu, which should meet the Christians for the Body of Christ,” he said.
Representing Fines Malambo, who has a family bereavement, Ng’uni in his address to the SDA campers drew them to the Bible reading of Galatians chapter 3:26- 29 and thanked the SDA for being categorical on issues of unity and peace.
“What is happening in Zambia currently is not healthy because political players are not seeing each other, we have human beings killing others…this contradicts what God is telling us in Galatians Chapter 3: 26-29. Zambians should stop thinking that all because one is from such a tribe, he or she can’t be this and that,” said Ng’uni.

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