PF never listens to advice – NAREP

CENTRAL Province NAREP information and publicity secretary Frank Sichone has expressed disappointment over the Patriotic Front government’s failure to create sustainable employment opportunities for youths in the country.

In a Facebook posting, Sichone called on the Head of State to take time to hold a press conference and address the nation on matters affecting the citizenry.

“Things I am currently not happy about include the failure by government to create jobs for youths and failure to recover loans they gave to cadres to run buses. This project never yielded any positive results and we need a report,” Sichone stated.

“Failure by President [Edgar] Lungu to hold press conferences to address the nation on many matters, including the removal of many ministers like [Prof Nkandu] Luo who closed CBU [Copperbelt University] like it’s her personal university and the President sees nothing wrong in this woman.”

Sichone also wondered why individuals that held on to ministerial positions when parliament was dissolved ahead of the last elections were not paying back what they got.

“There’s lack of respect for the law and court orders by government such as the non-payment of allowances obtained when Parliament was dissolved. There’s also careless borrowing but we still have poor health facilities,” Sichone stated.

“I can tell you how we can do these things differently but we don’t need to waste time advising this government [because] they never listen so advising them is a waste of time.”

He bemoaned the poverty levels prevailing in the country.

“We have increased poverty levels, high mealie-meal prices and now a depreciating currency,” stated Sichone.

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