Zambia needs more voices to fight PF’s dictatorial tendencies – UPND


CHOMA UPND district chairman Sikaleya Gamela says Zambia now needs more voices to fight the PF government’s dictatorial tendencies aimed at intimidating opponents.

In an interview, Gamela said it was now frightening to belong to the opposition because the PF has started fighting whoever is not with them.

“Zambia now needs more bigger voices to fight the PF government’s dictatorial tendencies aimed at intimidating opponents,” he said.

Gamela said the PF’s brutality against the opposition and its selfish motives were a clear indication that it had no agenda for the common man.

He said it was disappointing that the government had continued prioritising unreasonable things at the expense of service delivery

“This government is very selfish and has no agenda for a common person going by these National Dialogue Forum proposals of reintroducing deputy ministers yet civil servants have just been given a four per cent salary increment which is nothing,” Gamela said. “How much money do these ministers and the President get yet they subject civil servants to nothing going by the high cost of living?”

He expressed concern that the recent 4 per cent raise for civil servants was far from making a difference.

Gamela said it was not helping the PF in any way to fight personalities instead of working on delivering services to the people.

“I want to believe that government has a lot of money going by the NDF proposals of bringing back deputy ministers. The President now has a new jet and you wonder what happened to the old one. Any reasonable government would first look at the welfare of its people before going for luxury things,” he said.

Gamela urged the government to review the increment to civil servants, saying it’s been long since their salaries were increased.

He said the continued inconsistencies in policies had created hardships for people whose livelihood depended on doing hand-to-mouth businesses.

“It’s too much of this government. Today this, tomorrow that and people are lost. They don’t know which direction they were being taken to. The kwacha has gone high yet we have time to hold unnecessary NDF, corruption is rampant, hospitals have no drugs, schools are limping and the agriculture sector is not doing fine. There is hunger,” said Gamela.

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