‘Learned criminals’ have assembled under PF to dismember rule of law – Changala

CIVIL rights activist Brebner Changala has charged that there is “a cabal of learned criminals” who have now assembled under the PF government to dismember the rule of law. Changala lamented that it was saddening and barbaric for both local and international business houses in Zambia to see a new trend of lawlessness, masterminded by the government.

“There is a new trend that has come in where the government has assembled a cabal of lawyers who have brought in a new legal system of acquiring and taking over companies that are not in good books with the State, so to speak,” Changala told The Mast yesterday.

“Companies are being liquidated ex parte, meaning the owners of the companies do not have a say in the decision to liquidate a going concern. This trend has become prevalent under PF!”

He called on the Law Association of Zambia  and the chief justice to ‘wake up’ and curtail ongoing lawlessness.

“Some of us who are old enough have seen the process of liquidation before under UNIP and the MMD. It has never been so chaotic and barbaric as we are seeing it today. My making this observation is that I’m inviting the Law Association of Zambia which has gone to sleep in the midst of the abuse of the law with criminal intention,” Changala said.

“I’m equally inviting the Chief Justice to come out in the open; how are they allowing these liquidations to take place ex parte? Is it a new law?”

Changala added that when one looked at lawyers that the government was “using” to liquidate viable companies, “they are highly connected to the governing party.”

“They are young lawyers…. They are being used to destroy people’s investments. I’m speaking as a businessman; am I safe under this environment? Is my company safe?” he wondered.

“The judges who are granting these ex parte orders, how is their conscience? Is their conscience embedded in the law?”

Meanwhile, Changala indicated that he is “a very sad citizen” with the way the rule of law was currently being cannibalised in the country.

“There is a cabal of learned criminals who have now assembled under the PF to dismember the rule of law and make everybody to live under fear. I’m calling on the Law Association of Zambia and the Office of the Chief Justice to come in and save citizens,” stressed Changala.

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