KCM liquidation a desperate act to save Lungu’s political skin – Sejani


ACKSON Sejani says it is time for President Edgar Lungu to swallow his pride and face the music of his incompetence alone.

Reacting to government decision to place Konkola Copper Mines under liquidation, Sejani said the move was a desperate attempt to save President Lungu’s political skin and not that he was genuinely concerned about the plight of people on the Copperbelt.

“It is time for President Edgar Lungu to swallow his pride and face the music of his incompetence alone. Hope he is not worsening the plight of our people by again incompetently presiding over this process. The KCM takeover should not make our people jump from a flying pan into the fire through this now legendary incompetence. There are legal obstacles to negotiate,” Sejani said.

He said President Lungu must swallow his pride and accept that he was the culprit responsible for the worsening economic situation in the country, especially on the Copperbelt.

Sejani said time was ripe to call for help through an economic indaba as suggested by the opposition.

He said if the Head of State continued with his “chipante pante kind of leadership”, he would only succeed in scaring away investors not only from the mining sector but also other sectors of the economy.

Sejani said there were enough sobre Zambians with necessary skills, knowledge, experience and ability to help President Lungu find solutions to the country’s problems.

“Before Mr Lungu and his vuvuzelas press the now broken record about Hakainde Hichilema and the mines, we want him to answer the following questions: What is the role of government in the sudden deterioration of the economy? How has his incompetence brought about the current situation? How has over borrowing, corruption and government wastage contributed to the gloomy picture we are now seeing?” he asked. “How much of the over borrowed money was invested in the mining sector? How consistent have his policies been in mining sector? Honest answers to these questions will show that Mr Lungu is the culprit in the worsening economic situation in the country generally and the Copperbelt in particular. Which President spends a fortune buying a Gulf Stream [presidential jet] when a nation is on its knees economically? Which President spends so much on an improperly convened national dialogue whose only objective was to bring back the useless office of deputy minister? Think of the wastage on fire tenders, the road and other contracts. These are the resources that should have been ploughed into the mining sector. How can you now turn round and blame innocent citizens for government incompetence? Give Mr Hichilema a break.”

Sejani hoped the government’s intention was not to invite the Chinese to start taking over the commanding heights of the country’s economy like the mines because that would be tantamount to putting Zambians in worse conditions.

“I smell a rat! Why suddenly we must introduce Chinese language in our schools? Is it in preparation for the takeover of what is still our economic mainstay, the mines?” wondered Sejani.

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