Let’s unite in fighting dictatorship, Kambwili urges Zambians

NATIONAL Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili has urged the country to unite in fighting dictatorship, poverty and exploitation by man. And Democratic Congress president Harry Kalaba has challenged Zambians to reflect on the many inadequacies in the nation and resolve not to stand by the fence and watch while the country continues to degenerate.

Kambwili yesterday lamented that it was unfortunate that the current PF regime had auctioned Zambia to powerful foreign enterprises simply because they were benefiting from corrupt deals with foreign multinationals.


“Africa Freedom Day reminds us of the great sacrifice that our forefathers put up in fighting for the liberation of our continent. Our forefathers indeed wanted to see a better Africa, a united continent and a continent free from colonialism, exploitation, tranny and all forms of injustice,” Kambwili said.

He paid tribute to Zambia’s freedom fighters like Kenneth Kaunda, Greg Zulu, Mama Kankasa, and Mungoni Liso among others. Kambwili however lamented that dictators were now abusing what the great leaders fought for.

He assured Zambians that time for change was coming.

“Zambians can change their destiny and yes, they are capable of rising above the many challenges that our motherland is facing,” he said.

Kambwili said political and economic change could only come about if Zambians united and removed the current regime that had caused “so much pain and havoc” through the ballot.

Kambwili further urged Zambians to champion patriotism.

“As we commemorate Africa Freedom Day today (yesterday), I want to remind and implore Zambians to unite and fight exploitation, tranny, injustice, corruption and all forms of nepotism and regionalism. Zambia is one and tribe should never divide us. As we celebrate this day, I am urging all Zambians to also champion patriotism. It should be noted that if our forefathers were not patriotic, this country and the continent as a whole would have still been under colonial rule,” Kambwili said.

He said greed and love of money should never allow Zambians sell, auction their freedom to imperialists.

“It should be made clear that if Zambians do not espouse and show patriotism, we risk loosing our sovereignty and freedom as a people. Greed and the love of money should never allow us to sell, auction and bargain our hard earned freedom to imperialists. It is unfortunate that our own brothers and sisters under the PF regime have started eating with imperialists and forgotten our own people,” he said.


“We should guard our freedom and our land jealously. Our sovereignty and dignity as a people should not be lost to the highest bidder under the veil of economic emancipation and freedom. I firmly believe Zambians have the capacity and skills to develop this great country. This, however, calls for sacrifice from all of us. Unfortunately, selfishness and greed have eaten and eroded what our forefathers believed in and championed. Zambians have become their own enemies,” Kambwili said.


“Zambians are killing and persecuting one another all because of selfishness. This should come to an end. As a people, we should compete on a clean platform and not base our discourse to wrestle for political power on trivialities. 55 years after independence, it is shameful that our people still live in misery and poverty purely because those in the corridors of power have looted the country’s resources.”


Kambwili further said Africa would only become free if we all stood and fought brutal regimes and dictatorship.


And Kalaba urged Zambians to be the change agent to bring about the required change and set back Zambia on the course of economic freedom and emancipation.


“I challenge you to reflect on the many inadequacies that we have had to grapple with as a nation and make a resolve not to stand by the fence and watch while the country continues to degenerate. I call upon you to be the change agent that is going to bring about the required change to set back Zambia on the course of economic freedom and emancipation; be a part of the team that will resolve to transform Zambia. The hope and future of this great nation lies squarely in our collective energy, wisdom and zeal to make this nation a better place to live in not just by our children but by our children’s children to the fourth generation,” Kalaba said.


He lamented that Zambia’s productive capability had reduced to less than a third of where it was in 1999 besides having more graduates and a population over 18 million.


He further mourned that 55 years after independence Zambia had continued to be a dumping ground for cheap and in some instances dangerous products.


He said Zambians had a collective duty to lead the next revolutionary wave like the one in 1991 and 2011 that ushered in the first Third Republican President, Fredrick Jacob Titus Chiluba, and Michael Chilufya Sata respectively.


“This year’s celebrations should culminate in you making a resolve to join us as we lead the next wave of change that will usher in an accountable leadership through the ballot so we can have a responsible leadership and take away this ‘caretaker leadership’ that continues to pillage Zambia’s wealth with impunity,” said Kalaba.

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