Lubinda mocks CSO, Church on NDF

GIVEN Lubinda says there is no room for reconciliation between political parties in a multi-party State as this may lead to a one party system. And Lubinda, who is justice minister, says National Assembly of Zambia Speaker Dr Patrick Matibini will deal with members of parliament that stayed away from the NDF proceedings.

During a press briefing in Livingstone in the council chambers in response to the civil society organisations, the three church mother bodies, and concerned citizens who met at Kapingila House in Lusaka, Lubinda said at no time did Parliament indicate that the National

Dialogue Forum (NDF) was going to take a reconciliatory direction for political parties.

“In Section 4 of the NDF Act, there is nowhere reconciliation is mentioned…it was not part of the agenda,” he said.

“The question is who is to be reconciled? Who is quarrelling with whom and on what? Political players will always be in competition for leadership. We in political parties believe that our policies are irreconcilable. If we are to reconcile our views, we would have one party,” Lubinda said.

He mocked the opposition saying that if election matters (in reference to the 2016 Presidential petition) were not reconciled in court, they should see a preacher.

“Go to church, not the NDF,” Lubinda said.

He said the NDF had a mandate to adopt the Constitutional Amendment, the Electoral Amendment and the Public Order Act Bills, which have since been presented to him and the home affairs minister [Stephen Kampyongo].

Lubinda asked the nine civil society representatives to tell Parliament their views.

“Let them go to Parliament and say we are the wise angels from heaven and we don’t agree and since they are omnipotent, Parliament will shiver to get a message from God through them,” he said.

He lashed out at the nine civil society representatives by saying they want to speak for the over 350 NDF delegates after boycotting the


“You can’t discard the water and still want to drink it…because they stayed away does not make the NDF illegal. They view themselves as first class citizens and the rest are second and third class…ActionAid and Caritas were actually invited to the NDF. I am surprised that they are now drunk from the wine saved at a party they did not attend.

They were invited to cook nshima, they refused, but after the nshima was cooked they now say kimunya (not well cooked)…they have given

themselves an omnipotent position that theirs alone is what matters. Nine of them have placed themselves on a high pedestal and their ideas must supersede those of over 350,” Lubinda exclaimed.

He added that no one of those that opposed the NDF talked about the qualifications of a Head of State, but instead, alleged that the forum was meant to extend President Edgar Lungu tenure office.

Lubinda indicated that section 17 of the NDF Act clearly stated the delegates’ status and who could be punished by law if they stayed away from the NDF.

He said members of the NDF were allowed to resign from the forum while delegates (MPs) were not permitted to do so.

“If I did not go to the NDF, who am I answerable to? It’s parliament. I am not Mr Speaker, we will wait for the Speaker to decide,” Lubinda said.

He added that being a Catholic Church member and a leader at his congregation, he was never consulted by Caritas on the NDF issues.

“Even Caritas knows that there is order in Heaven and yet they want disorder on Earth…. If you don’t want to take part in any process then stay away completely, tell ba Linda Kasonde,” Lubinda said.

He added that the PF government was determined to present the NDF with the three amendment bills.

Lubinda said the bills would be tabled by Cabinet at its next seating set for Monday.

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