Govt relief delays forces Mukuni to distribute m/meal to hungry subjects

CHIEF Mukuni has embarked on distribution of mealie-meal in 25 kilogramme bags to every household in his chiefdom to avert hunger.
According to chief Mukuni whose chiefdom cuts across Livingstone, Zimba and Kazungula districts, his decision has been necessitated by the delays by the government to provide the much promised relief food.
“In the interim, we are distributing only mealie-meal in 25kg quantities to each household; this is because the promised relief food by the government is not forthcoming. We have so far bought hundreds of bags, but as we expand, the programme will be in thousands and we may consider adding other necessities based on the food basket needs of my subjects,” chief Mukuni explained.
He added that his actions were meant to mitigate whatever the government might release if ever it would be done on time.
Chief Mukuni, who did not disclose the amount so far spent on the mealie-meal distribution programme, has since encouraged his subjects to consider growing crops or other products that would add great value to their lives.
“My wife (Veronica) is leading the Moringa growing project and according to her research, it shows that this is of great value and can grow very well in my chiefdom which is predominantly sandy,” he said.
Chief Mukuni further revealed that gone were times when traditional leaders depended on their subjects for livelihood.
“Traditionally, it is my subjects who are supposed to provide for me, but since I have the capacity and friendly stakeholders who can assist, I have to fend for my flock in such times of need. We will,
however, continue waiting for relief food from government as promised, but as at now, my subjects are in dire need of food and can’t wait for the unknown,” said Mukuni.

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