Kambwili asks Musenge to apologise for pain, anguish caused to NDC


BA Musenge nga bamano, he should just come and apologise for the pain and anguish he has caused us, says Chishimba Kambwili. But Musenge said Kambwili, whom he maintained was masquerading as NDC president, had no right to be interacting with structures and giving directives to them. Kambwili, who was addressing the National Democratic Congress (NDC) structures in Lubwa ward in Kitwe ahead of a by-election in the area, urged members to ignore what he termed ranting of Musenge.

He urged party members not to worry about Musenge, saying he was not their enemy.

“You can never win an election unless you have structures because if you have structures, you can even count. Nga mwacita count ama structures ninshi mwaishiba ati (if you count structures then you know that) these are sure votes. Then you start looking for sympathisers and members. So, what is important is that there must be fellowship time and again, more especially imwe mwebaleya kuma (those of you going for) elections, mufwile ukulakumana (you have to be meeting) time and again ukulaibukishanya (reminding each other), like I said in Luanshya, this election is very important to us,” Kambwili said.


Kambwili further said the PF were in panic mode, that was why they had started donating money to churches in the area. It is widely believed that Musenge is planning to pull a fast one on the Kambwili-led NDC by nominating a candidate to file in the Lubwa by-election. The seat fell vacant following the death of PF councilor and former deputy mayor of Kitwe Godfridah Chulu. But Kambwili wondered how the general membership would allow a lone ranger not supported by the national management committee and party structures to impose a candidate on them.

“Mwacumfwa mu church baleleta ama (you heard in church that they are bringing amounts such as) K45,000 [for] election, baletina (they are scared). Ninshi tabaletela lyonse ili (why didn’t they bring this money all along)? So ni panicking (this is panicking). Bena problem bakwata ba PF bamona kwati kuti bashita abantu (The problem with PF people is that they think they can buy someone) but the people of Luanshya showed them. They brought money like…nga balikula na ma sukulu ayali six (they could have built six schools) but abantu balilefye babeba nokubeba ati (people told them that) you can hang, that you can go to hell. So efilya mumwene ama (that’s why you have seen) donations mu (in) church mulya kuzembeleka abantu but ifwe (enticing people) we cannot fall pray to that kind of rubbish, we will know how to counter it.

Eco ndemweba nokumilombafye (what I’m telling and requesting from you) is that work very hard, we need to work very hard for us to win this election and we are winning this election. We need to be very serious with the way we are doing things, bambi muli (some of you are) worried ati iyo natumfwa ba Musenge ati balileta candidate, balemuleta kwisa? Akesa cita file kwisa? Ninshi party tatuliko? Musenge takwata abantu, ayafye eka, ifyo acita fyakwe eka (that we have heard that Mr Musenge brought his candidate, where is he bringing him? Where is he going to file his nomination? Are we not there as a party? Musenge has no followers, he just moves alone. And whatever he does he is all alone),” Kambwili said.


“Mwalitala monako constitution ipela eka ukupanga ama decisions mu party (have you ever seen a constitution that gives power to an individual to make decisions)? Ni party nshi (which party) is that? We have got the national management committee; we have got everybody on our side and structures nomba kuti mwamuleka shani uuli eka ukwisacita (how can you allow a loner to come and) file in nomination? Teti! Bulya bwendo bwa cimpelesha (Impossible! That is a futile attempt), last kicks of a dying horse. Ba Musenge nga bamano, (if Musenge has any wisdom) he should just come and aplogise for the pain and anguish he has caused us. But if he doesn’t want to apologise, so be it…let him be scratching on the surface, us we will be going deeper and growing the party. So let us not focus on Musenge’s ranting, let us focus on organising the party and preparing ourselves to go to the elections. Icisaulula indao, menshi (time heals everything). Takwaba constitution iisapota umuntu umo ati kanofye nine, I am the Secretary general ninebo ufwile…mwalimonapo secretary general (there can never be a constitution that just supports an individual, that I’m the only one who) dissolves vice-president. Secretary general is the secretary to the national governing council, the central committee. How can he dissolve the central committee when he is just a secretary general to that body? Where is the chairman to that body? Where are the members of that body for a secretary to start dissolving them?”

And Kambwili asked the party members how many flies had sat on each of them and he did not hear anyone make a case out of it.

“You are just shaking them off so that’s how we should regard Mwenya Musenge,” said Kambwili.

But Musenge said Kambwili had no right to be interacting and giving directives to party structures.

“It’s not me as an individual who  is going to identify a candidate, he will be identified by the structures but the bottom line is very clear that I have always stated [that] Kambwili is masquerading as party president, that is very clear. He has no right to be interacting with structures and giving directives to our structures, that is wrong. That’s why this matter is in court and he has to be genuine for the sake of resolving this matter,” he said.


Musenge further said he was in the process of writing to the Electoral Commission of Zambia to inform them that only him as secretary general had the right to sign on the adoption papers and not any other person.


He said he would be delivering the said letter to ECZ tomorrow with guidelines on who should be recognised to do party functions ahead of the Lubwa by-elections.


He maintained that the present status quo was that he was running the party.


“They have to be patient, wait patiently until the court rules. The structures that we have on the ground but then those structures will have to submit those things to the secretary general who happens to be me and if they don’t submit all these things to me and submit to Kambwili or any other person…that person wont file in. Because I have already written to ECZ to inform them. I have written to ECZ, in fact, it hasn’t gone yet, it should be going tomorrow or the other day,” said Musenge, who recently was relegated to chairperson in charge of chiefs and traditional affairs, which he has rejected.


“I want to put it very clear that as the situation stands, I am running the party. I dissolved that executive, the interim executive of the National governing committee and the only way we are going to resolve this issue is when Kambwili realises that he cannot achieve anything using force, by hijacking, by dictating, that is primitive leadership. A leader is supposed to show high levels of humility, a leader learns to sit with his colleagues to resolve issues. So on Lubwa, there is no point of people rushing, I don’t know why he gets so excited, they have not set the dates for Lubwa so why the excitement, why not focus on the court case?”/SM

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