Nothing to be achieved without love, unity and reconciliation – Fr Katebe


MOTHER Zambia is meant to prosper and flourish regardless of the challenges that we have, says Father Steven Katebe. In his sermon at St Mathews the Apostle Parish in Kitwe’s Nkana East on Sunday, Fr Katebe urged politicians not to be a source of division in the nation. Chishimba Kambwili, the National Democratic Congress leader who attended the service, was tasked to take the day’s message to his fellow political leaders. Fr Katebe further warned politicians not to use the Church to divide people, saying a lot was expected from leaders.

“Mother Zambia is meant to prosper, Mother Zambia is meant to flourish regardless of the challenges that we have, that is why leaders are there to provide guidance,” Fr Katebe said. “Secondly, as our leaders, don’t be a source of division in the nation and again don’t use the Church to divide the people. We expect a lot from you our leaders and love you and we always pray for you that the best can come out of you as our leaders.”

He urged political players not to feel unloved when the Church spoke as this was in line with the responsibility of providing moral guidance. Fr Katebe said all political leaders should promote unity and peace in conformity with Bible readings that come from Christ Himself.

“You may feel that these people don’t love me, or they don’t love that person…we all love you as people of God and when sometimes we speak, it’s not that we hate any of the political players. We speak as a moral conscience of the nation. We speak to provide that moral guidance that you our leaders should embrace and at the end of the day we work together,” he said.

“So through you honourable Kambwili, I am sending this message to all political leaders, let’s promote unity, let’s promote oneness, let’s promote that peace, especially the peace we heard in today’s reading that comes from Christ Himself. And I pray that as our leaders that you carry that peace within you that whatever the turbulence we have, we stand resolved and we stand focused, level minded so that you lead us to a destination we desire. It’s the expectation of all Zambians, that’s our expectations wherever you go.”

Fr Katebe warned that nothing would be achieved without love, unity and reconciliation in the nation. He urged political leaders to work together in making sure that Zambia is governed according to God’s wish.

“Carry this message wherever you are that were are looking up to you as people who carry God’s face, people who are meant to bring love, unity and reconciliation in our nation because without love you will not achieve anything, you will fail in all areas and the blame will not be only on you our leaders but on the entire nation as Zambian people,” said Fr Katebe. “We love you, we need you…yes checks and balances, provide them because all of us are meant to make sure that Mother Zambia is governed upon God’s wish. Checks and balances are there, just like the Church, you political leaders work together in giving development in our nation. So I wanted to talk to you honourable Kambwili to take this message to your colleagues in the political arena.”

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