Radio Maria a no fly zone for violent people – Bishop Lungu

CHIPATA Diocese Bishop George Lungu says Radio Maria and other radio stations are no fly zones for those that are violent. And Eastern Province administration office says it has taken into consideration the last warning issued by Bishop Lungu. During the launch of Mariaton fundraising campaign for Radio Maria in which the station aims at raising K100,000 on Sunday, Bishop Lungu in an apparent reference to the recent PF cadres attack on the station where they subsequently issued death threats on news editor Tobias Daka for featuring a PF member who had a divergent view said there was need to support the station.

“Let the journalists do their work in peace. What we want is for you to support them, encourage them and walk with them. For those that are violent that place (Radio Maria) is out of bounds, no fly zone,” he said. “I have said it and this is my last time I am saying this. I have said it and next time don’t say ‘the Bishop said, you forgive them 70 times 7’. I will lock you up, will tell the police to do their job on you because you don’t listen. Like I said this is my last time to say but action speaks louder than words. Those who listen, listen once not twice.”

Bishop Lungu commended all the people who were contributing in making Radio Maria which clocks 20 years this year a success story. Earlier, Radio Maria programmes director Fr Clement Banda said the station aims at raising K100,000 within the next two months of the Mariaton which started on Sunday and ends in July.

Fr Banda said last year the station failed to meet its target but was hopeful that this year the target would be met. Radio Maria board chairperson Jabbs Kandinda said the station which was non-commercial needed a lot of support. And Eastern Province administrative officer Stephen Tembo who represented Eastern Province permanent secretary Buleti Nsemukila said his office took into consideration the final warning that was given by the Bishop adding that the radio station should be allowed to operate freely.

“Let’s allow the radio to operate freely and the President has re-echoed those same sentiments that the radio stations should be allowed to operate freely and no one should interfere,” Tembo said.

The issue involving the cadres who stormed the radio station had been resolved after provincial PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha apologised to the church over what transpired.

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