Chipili pledges to buy generators for Kamfinsa health facilities

KAMFINSA Constituency aspiring candidate Kelvin Chipili has pledged to buy power generators for clinics and hospitals in the area this year to cushion the impact of power outages. And Chipili has urged residents not to entertain sitting politicians who only return to start grading roads when elections are approaching after deserting them since after being elected.

Chipili, a trader and football administrator, who has not been campaigning on any political party platform told residents of Bupe ward in the constituency on Sunday, that they were in most instances architects of their own underdevelopment because they had a tendency of cheering absentee MPs who only show up at the last minute with resources and grade a few roads in the area.

He cautioned against voting for non-residents saying “people that don’t understand your problems cannot provide solutions.”

“Ine indi waku Ndeke (me I am a Ndeke resident) I have grown up here, I live here I know our problems as a constituency. I am not like those candidates who come during adoptions and say ‘I lived in Ndeke for six years, then I left and went to stay in Parklands, I have come now’, but during this time he has been out, does he know how you have been living? Nomba naimwe muli ba mulomo, ngabaisa mukeseba imisebo (if they come to grade roads) you will start cheering them. How can you cheer people for doing the work they were elected to do? That’s their job,” Chipili said amidst cheers from the gathering, predominantly women, as they agreed with cheers in unison “twebe mwandi (tell us).”

He said as a local resident, he would work with the electorate to find local solutions to problems that people faced in the area.

“We have what we are calling community empowerment. This community empowerment is a general term. In this community empowerment, there is youth, there is women empowerment, there are hospitals, there are churches and schools. What are we doing in the aspects I have mentioned? I am sure those that are moving together with us have seen that with Churches, we are helping those that are building churches with roofing sheets and other construction needs because we need to dignify the houses of the Lord. Then in hospitals and clinics in all townships in the constituency, we have committed to buy power generators so that when there is a blackout, our women, patients and especially those in labour don’t struggle in the dark,” he said.

Chipili said he had traversed the width and breadth of vast constituency and communities such as ZamTan, Mulenga, Zambia and Mwekera compounds where he started his crusade, which had galvanised support for him because of what he had done there since 2017.

He said as a resident in the area, he could not wait for election time to start helping the community because he bore the hardships of the people as his.

Incumbent PF’s Elario Musonda has seen his popularity plummet to the lowest as majority constituents accuse him of having abandoned them.

The current economic hardships have just added to Musonda’s dipping popularity.

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