I was promoting a local beer, Sampa

LUSAKA mayor Miles Sampa has justified his Chibuku drinking incidenct while on duty saying he was promoting a drink made in his city. Sampa, who compared himself to former US President Barrack Obama, who was captured drinking a larger when he was in office, said those saying he was mad were themselves mad.

He posted Obama’s picture with a justification saying next time he will be captured taking a Konyagi, a Gin which also made headlines following belief that it contains an aphrodisiac. Unlike the Chibuku he was promoting, Konyagi is made in Tanzanian.

“As I close this topic ya Chibuku (as if you have never tasted it), here is Obama pic (Picture) again drinking to promote a local beer. Yes, I am just a ka Mayor and he was President, so what? So Presidents can market a beer and if I do as Ka Mayor, ati Mayor afunta, koma ndiye bafunta (the mayor has gone mad when its them who are mad), hating on me…anyways,” Sampa stated.

“Anyway tikambeko vina (let’s talk about other things) but one day nizakauka bwino nizakakopewa drinking ka Konyagi, kaili it’s produced in Lusaka City (One day when I work up well, they will photograph me drinking Konyagi since it’s made in Lusaka).”

Last week, Sampa was pictured with a companion enjoying Chibuku Shake Shake on the Civic Centre grounds.


Many condemned him while others were in shock since the act was done during working hours.

Vocal PF cadre Max Chongu rebuked Sampa, telling him to grow up and start acting like a leader.

Chongu said the civic leader’s behavour in public was an embarrassment to the Patriotic Front and President Edgar Lungu.

“You cannot be behaving like that like a headless chicken, ifili fyonse ufwilefye ukusangwa (you want to be found in everything). In short, Miles Sampa you are acting like a frustrated prostitute who wants to attract attention from big buyers in bars,” Chongu said. “You can’t say just because you are a mayor and someone is doing local production of Chibuku or whatever then you go and start drinking it in public. Should Dr Chitalu Chilufya, our health minister, also follow suit just because someone is probably manufacturing condoms in Zambia, he goes and buys and says I want to use them? You can’t think that what you are doing you are just embarrassing people?”

Chongu, a former Big Brother housemate, advised Sampa to look at his peers in Kitwe and elsewhere were doing.

“Iwe (for you) the only headlines you make ma (are) jokes and embarrassment and you call yourself a leader! You even want to lie that ‘iwe Max I hear that you were suspended two weeks ago’; which suspension I have not received myself? And I was actually with the SG yesterday and I will be with the SG today and I will be with the SG tomorrow, for your own information, so which suspension are you talking about?” Chongu asked Sampa. “Just grow up. Wa kwata fye behaviour iya bwaice (you have a childish behaviour). And I am sure some of your friends have told you; your behavour is pathetic, useless. Those that are praising you or singing songs of praises, may be nauba cita promise tuma cito (may be you have promised them jobs), no, me I am not like that, me I will tell you off. Me I am a businessman…I stand on my own, so I can’t come to you for anything, I will tell you off, what you are doing is an embarrassment, total nonsense, if no one has told you that, total nonsense. And I can guarantee you that if the party was to go with you in 2021, we are losing mercilessly,” said Chongu.

Sampa has since scathingly rebutted Chongu’s rebuke.

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