MNT bemoans divisions in PF

DIVISIONS in the Patriotic Front are taking much of the time needed to attend to national interests, says Daniel Mvula Shimunza. And Shimunza, who is the founding president of the Movement for National Transformation (MNT), says poverty, unemployment among youths is creating a culture of despondency, drunkenness, crime and prostitution.

In a statement, Shimunza said Zambians want sustainable, smart, and secure jobs, not casualisation.

“We have noted with sadness the divisions in the ruling party. Our concern is that the state of the party in power trickles down to the entire nation. Intra-party divisions within PF are taking much of the time needed to attend to national interests, above those of the party,” Shimunza said.

He urged the PF leadership to resolve their differences.

“We advise the Patriotic Front led government to unite the nation. There is need to find solutions affecting the majority of Zambians currently in our nation. The entire responsibility where we are now resides with the leadership of the PF regime to deliver to the Zambian people,” he said.
“The state of our nation, in the spirit of checks and balances, compels us to advise the ruling party to reflect and have critical introspection about what is happening in the country,” Shimunza said.

He said God could only bless Zambia if the country was united.

“Famines, poverty, diseases, climate change, and it’s adverse effects, are not just accidental natural occurrences. When we ignore God and overlook His role, will, and covenant in the nation, national crisis may result until we correct things with Heaven,” Shimunza said.

He added that MNT sadly notes the PF’s intolerance of anyone who wishes to challenge President Edgar Lungu at party convention.

Shimunza further observed that there was a general feeling among Zambians that the PF was supporting foreigners such as the Chinese over Zambians, especially in the construction sector.

“The majority of Zambians feel left out by their government, and ruling party…. Zambians feel that there is too much collusion between the private sector and the public sector in so far as procurement and tendering procedures by government officials is concerned…. This is making the ruling party and government very weak in the fight against corruption… poverty levels and unemployment levels among our youths are creating a culture of despondence, drunkenness, crime and prostitution…the people want sustainable, smart, and secure jobs, not casualisation,” he said.
“Social protection must be a priority towards our people. And labour laws must be respected by all employers and investors.”

Shimunza stated that self-praise had characterised the PF.

“This has become a basis for seeing the leadership as peddling mere propaganda to cover up for many wrongs on; social media, ZNBC, and other Print media, respectively. People are looking for honest, righteous, accountable, and transparent government, and ruling party. Deception never lasts; truth does,” Shimunza said.

He noted that despite many radio and TV stations having been opened under the PF rule, media freedoms were still in question.

“The continued attacks and police searches for recordings when news that challenges government is aired puts media freedoms at risk. Free press is required for democracy to mature, thrive, and develop. The calls by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to have all media houses submit recordings every two weeks raises questions of censorship, of the undue control of media, and is working against government. Media freedom is a sign of civil rights and human liberties of any society. Free the media to self-regulate. Only a despotic government curtains media freedoms,” said Shimunza.

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