We’re complaining about underdevelopment but are not against govt, says chief Chitungulu


CHIEF Chitungulu of Lumezi district says he only hopes God will listen to the peoples’ cry over the bad state of the Lundazi, Chitungulu, Mwanya – Kazembe road.
And chief Chitungulu says government should pay attention to the problems that people in the Luangwa valley face.
In an interview, chief Chitungulu said the Lundazi, Chitungulu and Mwanya road was in a deplorable state and that he even informed President Edgar Lungu about it.

“We need a lot of things here in Chitungulu but the only challenge is the road. If there is no road, meaningful development cannot come to this place. I informed the President about the road, the former Eastern Province PS, Chanda Kasolo, is aware, even our MP, Pilila Jere, is aware about the bad state of this road but we don’t know when the government will start working on this road. Maybe this year, God will allow for this road to be worked on. We just doubt,” he said.
Chief Chitungulu said government had already been given a place where the central business district of Lumezi would be situated.
“I already gave them a place where the central business district would be situated but you know, government is like an illness; it enters very fast but it comes out a bit late to do something. It’s slow but sure. So even this issue of the road, we started talking about it a long
time ago, so we don’t know whether God will listen to us. This is a government gazetted road but we don’t know whether they will continue working on it from the initial 26 kilometres that was worked on earlier on,” he said.
And chief Chitungulu said he normally sits with his colleagues, chiefs Mwanya and Kazembe, to look at the needs of the area.
“I think government should pay attention to this area, a lot of things are [lagging] behind here. There is no development, I should say, because leaders do not visit us more often. The MPs, ministers, even the President,
should visit us so that they can hear our cries. We feel embarrassed when we watch on TV to see that some chiefs have good roads and good palaces, hospitals, schools are good. So it’s like government pays attention to those areas but I don’t know the problem here. We are complaining about the underdevelopment but we are not against government, a lot of votes came from the valley,” he said.
Recently, Lumezi member of parliament Pilila Jere appealed to the Road Development Agency to work on the crossing points in her constituency.

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