Be serious bwana, Kambwili tells Lungu

(By Oliver Chisenga and Mwaka Ndawa)


CHISHIMBA Kambwili has advised President Edgar Lungu to respect the Financial Intelligence Centre report because it was a State document.

Reacting to the Head of State’s dismissing the report as speculative and witch-hunt, Kambwili, leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress asked President Lungu to resign.

“This idea of getting emotional to the extent of saying ‘mfwiti, mfwiti, mfwiti (witch)’ should not be tolerated,” Kambwili said.

He said it was an insult to Zambians for President Lungu to get emotional when queried over issues of interest to Zambians.

“I hope and trust that he was not drunk because knowing abanensu, limbi balenwa pa ndeke (may be they were drinking on the plane),” Kambwili said. “That’s why bacitile behave like that but it’s very, very unfortunate.

He told President Lungu to always exhibit presidency in his conduct.


“And he wants to mislead the people of Zambia that the FIC trends report, for the purpose of reporting, they don’t mention names but they have the actual names and for him to be telling the people of Zambia that there are no names mentioned it’s like telling the people of Zambia that they don’t think,” Kambwili said. “That’s an intelligence report which has reached his office before it is disseminated to the people and he knows the names, why does he always want to pretend to the nation? That’s why I always say this man is part of the corruption because if he is not part of the corruption, he should be able to fight the corruption with the vigour that it deserves.”

Kambwili advised President Lungu to respect the FIC report because it was a State document.

“And you can’t say ‘it’s speculation’, what speculation? Be serious bwana, when you leave that office you will cry…because you will end up in prison. Some of us who are telling you straight love you,” Kambwili said.

He said those who want to tell him what he only wants to hear were not being fair to him.

“For once act on the FIC report. But we know from certain corners that the lawyers mentioned in the report were doing dirty works for the president,” Kambwili alleged. “That’s an allegation which I cannot prove but the law enforcement agencies can investigate and if there is nothing they can tell the nation that no the President is not involved or that minister so and so are not involved,” he said.

“But to just go and tell people I cannot comment on speculation and we are going to change the law so that FIC stops disseminating false information; if you don’t believe in the FIC today, people believe in the FIC, Zambians believe in it. A bantu nga balekucita advise, you must listen. Where I come from we say munshebwa aile na mashinsha ku buko and if you don’t get advice, you will end up being a munshebwa, so careful.”

And Kambwili said President Lungu was boasting in Kitwe that all Konkola Copper Mines workers have been paid.

He said only those directly employed by ZCCM-IH, who were in the minority had been paid.

He explained that KCM operations were outsourced and workers of contractor companies, who are the majority of the workers, have not been paid.

“Secondly, the President is saying there will be no job losses. Ba President can you be truthful for once. Already Reliant, JCX and others have started terminating contracts for employees, people have been declared redundant by the contractors because they are not being paid, then you go and stand and say there will be no job losses,” Kambwili said. “It is sickening, we are getting tired of this business as usual, laissez faire attitude by the President over issues affecting the people of Zambia,” Kambwili said. “If you are tired Bwana, please just resign.

Kambwili also told off Daily Nation for “sexing up” stories in attempts to destroy him.

He revealed that he had filed a complaint for contempt of court against the Daily Nation for reporting that he was arrested for abuse of authority and that he received money from a China Henan, which money he transferred to his wife’s account.

“Ba Richard Sakala, insoni ebuntu…for me I have tokd you Richard Sakala and I want to say it again; I am not a crook and you will never find anything negative about me. I am not like you who is a convict, ex-convict for theft, ba kabwalala imwe,” said Kambwili.

Meanwhile, a banker told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that Kambwili is not a shareholder of Mwamona Engineering Technical Services Limited. This is in a matter where Kambwili is facing charges of forgery, uttering a false document and giving false information to a public officer. Kayanje Munyati, a manager at Atlas Mara, Longacres branch, told Lusaka magistrate David Simusamba that since 2008, Kambwili had been issuing instructions to the bank relating to Mwamona’s account as a principal signatory.

Munyati said Mwamona’s corporate account was opened in November 2008 and that Kambwili and wife Carol were the signatories.

“This is a company account and from the company account we require certain documents but at that time I was not the one who received them. We give an application form and the application form has requirements that are written down in the corner. We get articles of association, copies of NRCs for directors and signatories, we get the utility bills, recommendation letters from account holders, passport size photos, a board resolution is also requested. We give customers specimen signature cards for people who will be issuing out cheques to their customers. And that was collected from Mwamoma Engineering,” the banker said.

She said before her transfer to Nakonde, the bank received two letters to introduce Jacob Mwanza and Victor Siame as signatories of the engineering company’s account, signed by Kambwili, Mwamba Kambwili and Carol Kambwili. Munyati said according to the documents, Mwamba Chishimba, Carol and Kambwili were authorised signatories of the account because they were board representatives of Mwamoma Engineering.

The witness told court that the principal signatory of Mwamona was Kambwili, who would make withdrawals, transfers as well as issue cheques to clients when his wife is out of jurisdiction as she is based in the United Kingdom.

“We have been dealing with honourable Kambwili for 11 years as the principal signatory. A principal signatory can issue instructions to the bank alone without other authorised signatories but his wife Carol Kambwili also issued when she is in the country. We mostly interact with the honorable and the last time we interacted was last week,” she said.

She said Mwamba Chishimba only gave instructions to the bank to do a swift transfer in 2018 which was used when purchasing material out of the country. She said Mwamba only started issuing instructions to the bank last year, as he was a teenager when the account was opened but he always accompanied his father whenever he went to the bank.

Munyati could however not tell the court Mwamba’s age and if he was of age to be signatory of Mwamona’s account because of his stout.

“I have interacted with Mwamba several times when he would come to the bank with his father. I wouldn’t know his age, I never checked his NRC. If you ask me about the twins, I would say they are young. I know the honourable’s children but I don’t know when they were born. If you ask me about Mwamba, I wouldn’t know his age because he’s got a big body; looks can be deceiving,” Munyati said.

She said if Mwamba was a minor, he would not have been allowed to be a signatory of the company’s account and that since he was a signatory of the said account, the bank was satisfied that he was not a minor.

She added that all documents relating to Mwamona’s account were authentic and that none of them was forged.

“If you have an NRC, you are qualified to be a signatory of an account,” said Munyati.

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