Kafue residents cry for township roads

KAFUE UPND member of parliament Miriam Chonya says residents are still waiting for the construction of township roads that have been on the drawing board for some time now. And Chonya says it is interesting that “a lot of road construction machinery” is already on the ground to start road works in Katuba where a by-election is imminent. She lamented that of the anticipated 50-kilometre township road project for the district, only 10 kilometres were approved and only 4 kilometres were done in Chalala, leaving most of the roads in a deplorable state due to lack of maintenance.

In a statement on Wednesday, Chonya revealed that residents of the Kafue East community had petitioned the Minister of Local Government to look into their plight.

“In 2014, Kafue District Council was allocated 40kms of township roads, which included Kafue East roads. To date, nothing has materialised even after RDA came to put road pegs in some of the roads in Kafue East township,” the petition reads in part.

Chonya further called on the government to honour its promises on construction of township as well feeder roads in the area.

“There was commitment from the Minister of Housing and Infrastructure [Ronald Chitotela] in Parliament. And I also have correspondence from the RDA in which they promised township roads soon after the 2018/2019 rainy season,” Chonya said.

She added that despite assurances from Chitotela and the official correspondence from RDA, there was no indication on the ground that the roads would be done any time soon.

And Chonya said Kafue residents were astounded that road construction machinery and equipment has been moved into Katuba Constituency where a by-election is due following the death of the area’s MP Patricia Mwashingwele.

“It’s interesting that in Katuba we have seen a lot of road construction machinery which has already gone on the ground to start road works, and people are wondering whether it’s because of the imminent by-election in that area,” Chonya said.

She lamented that the subject of Kafue township roads had been long outstanding, stating that it needed immediate attention. She further said the road connecting Kafue’s Central Business District to Kafue East township had been in a deplorable state since the 1980s when the township was formed while roads in the entire district remain in a state of neglect.

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