KBF getting the taste of his own bitter medicine

The expulsion of Kelvin Bwalya Fube from the Patriotic Front doesn’t come as a surprise to many people – it was expected, it was just a matter of time.

There’s no internal or intra party democracy in the Patriotic Front of Edgar Lungu. Nobody will be allowed to meaningfully challenge Edgar for the leadership of the Patriotic Front. And we were wondering why Kelvin was not seeing that he was going nowhere with his bid to challenge Edgar for the leadership of the Patriotic Front. However, we gave him the benefit of doubt. We thought being an insider he knew something we didn’t know; we thought having manipulated many things in 2014 to make Edgar the leader of the Patriotic Front, Kelvin had a few tricks up his sleeve. But he today stands expelled! What’s next? The courts!

Hehehe, hehehe, hehehe! Will Kelvin be able to do for himself what he did for Edgar with that judge who has now been well rewarded with a promotion to the Constitutional Court? We doubt!

Kelvin may have to start thinking of forming his own party if he really wants to contest the 2021 presidential election. He won’t get it on the Patriotic Front ticket.

Anyway, Kelvin is today getting the taste of his own very bitter medicine!

Instead of helping to broaden intra party democracy, Kelvin said his friends were busy manipulating things to entrench Edgar’s hegemony.  What wrong things didn’t Kelvin defend in support of Edgar?

Kelvin nurtured this monster, this python that is today ready to swallow and devour  him!

But people don’t learn. There are many people in the Patriotic Front today doing the same things Kelvin did.

They don’t seem to understand the need for intra party democracy in the Patriotic Front. They don’t seem to realise that intra-party democracy helps  to nurture citizens’ political competencies and/or producing more capable representatives which in turn ensures that the party produces better policies and political programmes.

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