PF thieves are using money to buy loyalty – Mucheleka

PATRICK Mucheleka says there is now infighting among “thieves” in the PF government. Mucheleka, who is UPND deputy secretary general in charge of politics, laughed at the PF divide and rule tactics, on the basis of tribe.
He said Zambians must stop looking at each other’s tribe.

“The situation Zambia is in today, the economy is not performing well. Who has caused that? It is Lungu and the PF!” Mucheleka told The Mast on Wednesday.

“What have they used to hoodwink Zambians? They have been talking about tribe. They go, especially to the people in northern Zambia, and they start disparaging other tribes. Go to Northern and Eastern provinces and see if at all there is anything this government has done for them. Our people even there are so poor!”
Mucheleka, who once served as Lubansenshi independent member of parliament from 2011 to 2015, alleged that the PF government had continued to deny education to many citizens so as to easily: “hoodwink such people” with a tribal trump card.

“When you are properly educated, you’ll not have time to talk about tribe. Education has taken me everywhere and in every Zambian, I don’t see tribe but unity in diversity! I look at individual capabilities that can be contributed to this country and this is why it is very easy for me to align myself with like-minded people in the UPND. There are people who want to work for the country in the UPND,” he explained.

“These thieves in the PF have hijacked State institutions and we are even allowing them to use tribe to disadvantage many Zambians! If someone from Chinsali, Shiwang’andu or Pambashe steals, are they stealing on behalf of the people in those areas? No! It doesn’t make sense.”

Mucheleka charged that no one stole on behalf of their tribe.

“It’s amazing how these thieves, once caught, turn around and say ‘I’m Bemba.’ PF thieves are using money to buy loyalty. This issue of tribe is just delaying development in this country. Thieves in are now quarrelling among themselves!” said Mucheleka.

“When my parliamentary seat was nullified in 2015, they were celebrating that ‘Mucheleka alala’ (has fallen). But where are they today? It’s either they are out of the government or they are fighting each other in the PF, wondering who is a bigger thief.”

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